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Spring Season Updates

  • Spring has come to Prontera, the map of Prontera has been updated with a spring theme.
  • Getting 7888.gifBag of Nuts just got easier. Monster Spring Rabbit has become weaker: HP:800, ATK:200-300
  • Prices of Spring Costumes are reduced.
  • You can now exchange your unused 23550.pngWinter Cookies with NPC Springa in Main Office.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 16.44.32.png

General Updates

  • New Сostumes have been added to the cash shop. Prices on some costumes have been reduced by 50 to 70 percent.
  • Kafra service has been added to Lutie.
  • Some items in the Daily Rewards list have been replaced.
  • Updated interface for refining items.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 17.16.00.png

New Hair Styles, and Premium Stylist.

  • Several new hairstyles and many hair colors have been added to the regular stylist.
  • A Premium Stylist has appeared in the main office, who can dye your clothes in one of 34 colors for 2 Cashpoints.
  • You can reset your look with Control Panel on a website.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 17.28.49.png

Minor Fixes:

  • The channel colours have been changed to improve visibility.
  • Added descriptions for some items.
  • After the reboot, the Bomb Poring event returned to the server.
  • Disabled quests to obtain Godlike items.


Final WoE Preparations

Final preparations were made before the first trial War of Emperium.

WoE Information:

  • Event time: Saturday, 15:00 GMT (server time, you can find out with the @time command)
  • Castle: Prontera Swanhild (lower right castle on the map)
  • Duration: 1 hour.

WoE Information Board has beed added to Prontera, it will gives you following information:

  • WoE hours
  • Warp to castles

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 12.45.03.png

Spring Costumes

The first part of the Spring Costumes has been added.

The next update will add the ability to exchange unused Poring Coins

Hew Headgear quest

Fish in Mouth Has Been Added to Headgear Quests NPC.

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 13.44.15.png

Required items
Item name Amount
Poring Coin 700
Ancient Lips 350
Mystic Frozen 50
Rough Wind 50

New channels

As you requested, new channels for finding parties (#party) and selling things (#trade) have been added.

Other minor fixes

  • Changed some security settings on the client side.
  • Some fixes with PvP warper. Now it correctly shows the number of players in the arena.
  • Some monsters in Hunting Missions are blacklisted.
  • Christmas tree removed from Prontera.
  • Minimum donation amount changed to 5$. In-game Prices for costumes from early January are reduced by 50%.


New Costumes

The cash shop has been updated with numerous new costumes. See complete list of costumes.

New Repeatable EXP Quests

New Repeatable Quests have been added:

  • Lava Golems
  • Medusas
  • Deleters
  • Level limit for Goats Quest is changed

New Places in Quest Warper

Additional Quest Dungeon Midgard Camp has been added to Quest Waper:

  • Thanatos Tower Dungeon 3
  • New World
  • Midgard Camp
  • Manuk
  • Splendide

Skills Balancing

  • The Bowling Bash Gutterline bug has been fixed

New Proxy Location

  • USA - Datacenter in NY

Server hardware improvements

As our server expands and evolves, there is a requirement for increased server capacity. To address this, we have transitioned to a new server that boasts twice the performance capabilities of its predecessor.

Minor fixes

  • Some hunting missions mobs are blacklisted
  • @noks command fixed. Now it automatically activates protection against Kill Steal
  • Quest Warper has altered its decision in regards to providing you with free teleportation services, and has now opted to impose a modest charge of 5000Z
  • Ammunition for Ninjas and Gunslingers has been added to all ToolDealers


Quest Warper Fixed

A buffer overflow issue when utilizing a quest warper has been resolved, allowing for its continued use. The warper is currently only accessible in Prontera. Should you encounter any additional bugs, kindly report them to me. Misuse of the warper or violation of the rules will not be tolerated.

King of Emperium (KoE)

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 13.54.32.png

A simple GvG event will take place in the Prontera 3 times a day.

Start time according to server time (GMT)

  1. First KoE: 16:00 GMT;
  2. Second KoE: 22:00 GMT;
  3. Third KoE: 06:00 GMT.

You can find out more information about this event here: KoE Information

Hunting Missions

With the update, you now have the capability to undertake Hunting Missions. Upon completion of a mission, you will be rewarded with Experience, Zeny, and Mission Points that can be redeemed at a Mission Store.

To get the mission, talk to the NPC Hobota in Prontera Inn

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 22.49.11.png

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Mission conditions may be reset as many times as desired, with each reset costing 50,000 zeny.
  • Only one mission can be completed every 12 hours.
  • Missions can only be taken on one character per account.
  • Monsters that are killed by your party members within your screen view will be counted as being killed by you.
Mission shop
Item name Price
13855.gif Blue Butterfly Wing Box 5 Mission Points
13855.gif Green Butterfly Wing 5 Box 5 Mission Points
13855.gif Red Butterfly Wing 5 Box 5 Mission Points
14003.gif Elite Siege Supply Box 25 Mission Points
13610.gif Enriched Elunium 5 Box 70 Mission Points
13610.gif Enriched Oridecon 5 Box 70 Mission Points

If you have additional items you would like to recommend to Mission Shop, simply post your suggestions in the Suggestions channel on our Discord.

@whosell and @whobuy

Commands have been implemented to simplify the process of locating merchants who either sell or purchase items.


@whosell [item ID] or [item name]

@whobuy [item ID] or [item name]

If matching merchants are found, they will appear on the minimap

Economy control actions

1216.pngStiletto: 2,500 Z > 7,200 Z

722.pngPearl: 3,000 Z > 2,250 Z

539.pngPiece of Cake: 1,500 Z > 1,200 Z;

526.pngRoyal Jelly: 3,500 Z > 2,500 Z;

522.pngMastela Fruit: 4,250 Z > 3,250 Z;

Few minor fixes

1. Few consumable items added to regular tool dealers

505.png Blue Potion. Price: 7,000 Z

514.png Grape. Price: 1,500 Z

645.gifConcentration Potion. Price: 800 Z

2. This item now can be putted on autotrade.

547.png Condensed White Potion

3. PvP Warper moved more closer to Prontera Inn and now shows amount of players on arena.

Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 00.11.28.png


Quest Warper

A quest warper has been introduced to the game, providing players with the convenience of opening access to quest locations for all characters linked to their account. This feature simplifies the gameplay process by eliminating the need for players to manually complete quest or travel to quest locations, saving time and enhancing the overall gaming experience. Quest warper available in most major towns.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 23.55.45.png

To ensure the warp is saved for all characters on your account, locate a designated NPC located near the portal on the first level and utilize their services to save the warp.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 23.56.17.png

The warper function only enables teleportation to the initial level of a quest dungeon once it has been unlocked.

Available locations for save:

  • Amatsu Dungeon;
  • Central Laboratory Instance;
  • Geffenia;
  • Kiel Robot Factory;
  • Moscovia Dungeon;
  • Nameless Island and Abbey Dungeon;
  • Rachel Sanctuary;
  • Thanatos Tower.


Added @killcount command to count killed monsters.

How it works

Enter command @killcount [monster ID]

Example: @killcount 1002 to counting Porings monster.

To reset counting enter: @killcount reset

More buffs for inns

Inns Keepers in Lighthalzen, Moscovia and Veins now giving buffs too.

Hew Headgear quest

Dragon Hat [1] Has Been Added to Headgear Quests NPC.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 13.32.22.png

Required items
Item name Amount
Poring Coin 700
Red Bijou 250
Yellow Bijou 250
Green Bijou 250

Changes in Poring Coin Exchanger

  • Bubble Gum has been added to Poring Coin Exchanger.
  • Kafra Card and Kafra card boxes have been added to Poring Coin Exchanger.
  • Tyr’s Blessing Price changed: 15 PC > 50 PC.
  • Token of Siegfried Price changed: 5 PC > 30 PC.

Other minor fixes

  • Valkyrie zero weight restriction when rebirth is removed.
  • The amount of time by which the character will be deleted is changed to 1 minute.
  • Added prevent portal abuse use for avoiding hits.
  • Santa Claus is replaced by another NPC.


  • Unfortunately, increasing the guild tax from 50% to 90% is not feasible at this time as it is a client-side feature. I will keep this in mind when developing and releasing a new client.


1. Natural HP/SP recovery bugs fixed. Now, it works properly with passive skills and during the battle.

2. The slotted sunglasses are removed from all the characters. Who managed to make sunglasses, insert cards into them, write to me with a request


1. Natural HP/SP recovery is increased. When a player is idle or not engaged in combat and has not been hit by a mob, they will experience a significant increase in HP and SP regeneration. When a player sits, they will regain 3% of their maximum HP and SP every 1.5 seconds. The regeneration is based on a fixed percentage, rather than a fixed value, so it will always take approximately 45 seconds to fully regenerate from 0%.

2. Merchants are now allowed open Vending only on the side of the road.

3. A few new costumes added to Cash Shop:

1. Costume Drooping Dorasuke

2. Costume Wild Rose

3. Costume RWC Champ Crown

4. Costume Flying Angel

5. Costume Flaming Ten Gallon Hat

6. Costume CD in Mouth

7. Costume Reginrev's Wings

4. The slotted sunglasses quest removed until the quest will be modified. All existing sunglasses on the server will be deleted, and all the players who managed to make them will receive a refund.


1. Duration of Elemental Converters Scrolls increased from 3 min to 9 min.

2. Pumpkin Hat added the missing +3 all stats bonus script.

3. Novice Adventurer's Suit can be storable.

4. Max. guild tax rate increased to 90%

5. 50% Damage penalty for using Backstab with Bow removed.

Other minor fixes and preparations.


1.The party share bonus is set to 15%. Example: party of 5 people will receive +60% exp (4 members by 15% exp): 160% party experience in total, so each member receives 160%/5 = 32% bonus exp.

2. Idle characters will stop receiving items time changed: 2 min >1 min. In party: 30 sec.

3. Bonus EXP homunculus received from master increased to 33%.

4. Homunculus autoloot is available now. 5. PvP and GvG is disabled on Bomb Poring event. Reward for this event increased to 20 PC


1. Proxy tunnel for Asian players has been added. This will greatly reduce latency during the game.

2. Different Costumes added, you can exchange them with Poring Coins in Main Office

3. Quest Shop for various iRO cash shop headgears added to Main Office

4. Cash Shop with cosmetics items added.

5. Server Donations are now available. Check the wiki donation page:

6. Repeatable Bomb Poring event added

7. Minor price changes in Poring Exchanger:

Battle Manual 100%: 30 > 40 PC

Battle Manual 50%: 15 > 15 PC

Dead Branch Box: 3 > 50 PC

Bloody Branch: 120 > 300 PC

Gym Pass: 40 > 70 PC

Gym Pass Box: 400 > 700 PC

Infinite Fly Wing: 400 > 700 PC

8. Poring Coins drop removed from idle non attackers mobs:

Thief Bug Egg

Peco Peco Egg

Ant Egg

Blue Plant

Green Plant

Yellow Plant

White Plant

Shining Plant

Black Mushroom

Red Mushroom

8.1 Poring Coins drop from Orc Zombie, Thief Bug, Thief Bug Female are decreased

9. Gift box drop chance with Myst Case Card increased from 3% to 4.5%

10. Description for Infinite Fly Wing fixed.

11. Newbie resetter removed from Prontera

12. @refresh command has been added

13. Software for mouses and keyboards has been added to the whitelist for Gepard Shield, now you will not receive errors about it.

14. The problem with items that should drop with a 100% chance that don't drop with that chance should be fixed. If not, please report back to me.

Other minor fixes.