King of Emperium (KoE)

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In King of Emperium (KoE), guilds engage in a siege battle with the goal of breaking the Emperium and taking control of the map.

Success requires both defensive and offensive strategies to prevent other guilds from seizing the Emperium and ultimately claiming victory.

When will it occur?

KOE is held three times daily to accommodate players from different time zones.

Start time according to server time (GMT)
  1. First KoE: 16:00 GMT;
  2. Second KoE: 22:00 GMT;
  3. Third KoE: 06:00 GMT.

20 minutes.

How to participate.

Simply tank with Koeer NPC near Prontera Inn.

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The mechanics of King of Emperium are quite similar to those of World of Emperium.

Participants are transported to a small map with the Emperium located at its center, the objective being to destroy the Emperium and then defend it from other guilds who may attempt to destroy it as well.


You must be a guild member.


Rewards are distributed to all guild members who were present on the map at the end of the event.

To claim your prize, simply speak with the designated NPC.

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Rewards list:

2x 7829.gif Bravery Badges

2x 7829.gif Valor Badges

12x 7539.gif Poring Coins