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/navi prontera 134/184
Main Office inside


Welcome to Main Office, your one-stop shop for all things useful in Prontera! Located in the heart of the city (/navi prontera 134/184), Main Office is home to a variety of helpful NPCs who can assist you with your adventures.

Earned some 7539 1.png Poring Coins from your battles? Head to Main Office to exchange them for valuable items and costumes. You can also use your Cash Points to purchase a wide selection of costumes to express your unique style.

Need to exchange loots and Poring Coins for Quest hats? Main Office is the place to go. And if you're looking to revamp your character's appearance, the Stylist is always ready to help. You can even reset your stats and skills or learn new quest skills at Main Office.

So come on down to Main Office and see what we have to offer! We're here to help you make the most of your experience.


NPC Description
4 F PREMI.gif
Visit our stylish NPC Premi and browse through a vast collection of costumes.

Use your Cash Points to transform your character's appearance and showcase your unique style.

Head over to NPC Lydia and exchange your 7539 1.png Poring Coin for a variety of valuable items.

It's a great way to get your hands on some essential gear and enhance your gaming experience.

4 F JP NOAH.gif
Dimonka NPC trades your loots and 7539 1.png Poring Coin for valuable headgear.
4 F GELKA.gif
Katryn NPC exchanges your 7539 1.png Poring Coin for unique costumes.
4 M OILMAN.gif
With just 2 Cash Coins, our Platinum Stylist can help you revamp your character's look by customizing their outfit colors.

Express your individuality and create a style that's uniquely you

Visit our talented Stylist and let them work their magic on your hairstyle and hair color.

Express your individuality with a new look that's all your own.

Our friendly Reset Girl NPC can help you reallocate your stats or skills for a small fee.

The cost depends on your character base level, with higher levels requiring a slightly higher fee.

1 F 01.gif
Platinum Skill NPC can give you the special skills available to your job.