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uaRO: World of Your Dream introduce Poring Coins System

Each monster on our server drops 7539.gif Poring Coin with a 5% chance.

You can also get them for completing various in-game quests and participating in events.

Poring coins are not tied to an account or a character, you can sell them, exchange them with other players or just throw them away xD.

In the future, we will add more opportunities to get Poring Coins, as well as ways to exchange them.

Below, you will find a place where you can exchange Poring Coins and a list of things you can exchange them for.

Where to exchange Poring Coins

Poring Coins can be exchanged for you by Lydia, she is in the main office of Prontera.

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List of items that can be exchanged for Poring Coins

Consumable items

Item Name Description 7539.gif
12263 1.png Advanced Battle Manual A manual that explains the effective way of the battle. It is a very detailed and well composed manual.

Exp rate is increased to 100% for 30 minutes.

14233 1.png Dead Branch Box A box containing 10 Dead Branches that evokes an impending sense of danger. 50
12103 1.png Bloody Branch An ancient, gnarled branch with a contract written in blood upon the bark that can summon stronger creatures than regular Dead Branches.

Using it summons 1 Boss monster.

12887.gif Infinite Flywing The wings cut from fly to be made into enchanted item.

Enables character to move to random spot on map.

7776.png Gym Pass A visit will increase your skill level by 1 boosting your weight capacity by 200 per level. To a maximum of level 10.

Increase Carrying Weight skill has 10 levels, and once learned. It is permanent.

However, it is reset once you transcend. After you transcend.

Re-visit the NPC that teaches this ability to learn this back for free at the level you had before you transcended. You can level this one at a time.

13710.png Gym Pass Box A box containing 10 Gym Membership Cards. 700
13995 1.png Speed Potion 10 Box A box containing 10 Speed Potions. 5
12209 1.png Life Insurance If the character dies within the 30 minutes duration, no loss of EXP will be made.

Corrected display suppose to be will not lose any experience the first time you ko'ed.

The effect will disappear after your first KO'.

7621 1.png Token Of Siegfried When player is KO'ed, this item will be consumed and player will be resurrected on the spot. 30
12459 1.png Medium Life Potion A small bottle of Yggdrasil Tree Sap that is effective in healing wounds.

For 10 minutes, you regenerate 7% of your Maximum HP every 4 seconds. Can not be used while in Frenzy.

13714 1-1.png Medium Life Potion 10 Box A box containing 10 Large Life Potion.

For 10 minutes, you regenerate 7% of your Maximum HP every 4 seconds. Can not be used while in Frenzy.

12461 1.png Regeneration Potion A magic potion made with alchemy and magic. A Rosary is rumored to be one of the secret ingredients in making this potion.

For 30 minutes, the recovery amount from all heal, recovery items,

And Sanctuary is increased by 20% on your character.

13714 1-1.png Regeneration Potion 10 Box A box containing 10 Regeneration Potion. 150
14601.gif Tyr's Blessing Increases ATK & 20 MATK for 5 minutes. HIT + 30, Flee Rate + 30 50
12214 1.png Convex Mirror A clean convex mirror that can be used to detect the appearance of Boss Monsters exists in the map.

If the Boss Monster exists, its location will be indicated on the mini-map during the active duration of this item.

The effect has a 10 minute duration, the effect is cancelled once the player leaves the map or logs out.

Lord of the Dead, boss monsters in the Bio Lab, Ktullanux, Memory of Thanatos and some other event MVP monsters can not be detected by using this item.