Hunting Mission

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/navi prontera 204/192

With the update, you now have the capability to undertake Hunting Missions. Upon completion of a mission, you will be rewarded with Experience, Zeny, and Mission Points that can be redeemed at a Mission Store.

To get the mission, talk to the NPC Hobota in Prontera Inn (/navi prontera 204/192)

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Mission conditions may be reset as many times as desired, with each reset costing 50,000 zeny.
  • Only one mission can be completed every 12 hours.
  • Missions can only be taken on one character per account.
  • Monsters that are killed by your party members within your screen view will be counted as being killed by you.
Mission shop
Item name Price
13855.gif Blue Butterfly Wing Box 5 Mission Points
13855.gif Green Butterfly Wing 5 Box 5 Mission Points
13855.gif Red Butterfly Wing 5 Box 5 Mission Points
14003.gif Elite Siege Supply Box 25 Mission Points
13610.gif Enriched Elunium 5 Box 70 Mission Points
13610.gif Enriched Oridecon 5 Box 70 Mission Points
12105.gif Taming Gift Set 35 Mission Points
12106.gif Jewelry Box 100 Mission Points

If you have additional items you would like to recommend to Mission Shop, simply post your suggestions in the Suggestions channel on our Discord.