Warper System

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Quest warper has been introduced to the game, providing players with the convenience of opening access to quest locations for all characters linked to their account. This feature simplifies the gameplay process by eliminating the need for players to manually complete quest or travel to quest locations, saving time and enhancing the overall gaming experience

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 23.55.45.png

Town Coordinates
Prontera /navi prontera 160/191
Izlude /navi izlude 134/91
Geffen /navi geffen 182/132
Payon /navi payon 179/106
Morroc /navi morocc 160/97
Alberta /navi alberta 39/240
Aldebaran /navi aldebaran 135/119

To ensure the warp is saved for all characters on your account, locate a designated NPC and utilize their services to save the warp.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 23.56.17.png

List of Warpa Helpers

Location Quest List Map
Amatsu dungeon

/navi ama_dun02 31/47

Ama dun02.png
Ayothaya dungeon

/navi ayo_dun02 255/112

Kiel dungeon

/navi kh_dun01 14/224

Kiel dungeon.png
Bio Laboratory

/navi lhz_dun01 153/287

Lhz dun01.png
Thanatos tower

/navi tha_t03 223/165

Thanatos t03.png
Moscovia dungeon

/navi mosk_dun01 195/270

Mosc dun01.png
Nameless Island (Abbey)

/navi nameless_n 158/179

Rachel Sanctuary

/navi ra_san01 133/139

Midgard camp (New World)

/navi mid_camp 186/242

Splendide (New World)

/navi splendide 203/173

Manuk (New World)

/navi manuk 275/146

Nidhogg's Dungeon (New World)

/navi nyd_dun01 141/150

Nidhogg's Dungeon.png