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Introduction to the Revival Roadmap

Welcome to the next chapter of our journey! As we approach the end of 2023 and look towards the first quarter of 2024, we're excited to share a detailed roadmap that reflects our dedication to improving, expanding, and enriching our server. With a keen ear to community feedback and a clear vision for the future, we're shaping a uaRO experience that's rooted in tradition yet brimming with innovation. Get ready for a period of revival where the old meets the new, creating a game world that's both familiar and fresh.

Revival Roadmap: November 2023 – March 2024

General Bugfixes

We're aware of the frustrating bugs that have been a common complaint and we're on it. Our team is focused on fixing these issues to improve your experience in UaRO. We're grateful for the community's input that helps us identify these problems, and we're committed to addressing them swiftly. Your dream world should be free of interruptions, and we're here to make sure it is.

Simplified PvP System

In response to your feedback, we're rolling out a more community-friendly PvP system with ranks, shops and special arenas.

Horror Toy Factory

Be prepared to explore this chilling new renewal map - a first for our server and a thrilling challenge for adventurers.

Old Glast Heim Integration

Delve into Old Glast Heim, an atmospheric renewal dungeon now part of our pre-renewal universe.

Revised WoE Drop

We're refreshing War of Emperium treasures to better reflect our vision and provide more rewarding conquests.

Battlegrounds and WoE Enhancements

We're injecting fresh excitement into Battlegrounds with novel modes and items, while pondering the introduction of First Job WoE for an authentically retro vibe.

New Pets to Love

We're introducing new pets to join you on your adventures. Look forward to finding, raising, and loving these new furry friends!

New Client: Elevating Your Experience

Get ready for a game-changing update with our new UaRO client! Packed with improvements and new features, this client will make your adventures more immersive. Don't worry – you'll have time to switch, as we'll keep the current client running temporarily for a hassle-free transition.

Website Update: A Fresh Look with Exciting Secrets

Our website is getting a facelift, complete with user-friendly navigation and a wealth of guides. Look out for new ranking systems to showcase your progress and some thrilling in-game integrations that we'll reveal once they're fully tested and ready to amaze you.

Revised Plans

No VIP System: We're opting for a more equitable approach with name, color, and gender change tickets. Plus, a wider selection of free color palettes!

No Push to PvP: Instead, enjoy various instanced PvP activities, including events following RWC rules, an extended PvP rank system, and a PvP shop.

No Unnecessary Nerfs: Fear not, Sleepers are safe! We're focusing on creating enticing instances and tailoring the economy to suit our server's unique vibe.

Renewal Content Adaptation

Comprehensive Map and Quest Integration

We're bringing in renewal maps, quests, and mobs, ensuring they're rigorously tested and adapted to fit within the pre-renewal framework. This expansion is curated to enrich your gaming experience without altering the core mechanics that define our server.

Selective Item Incorporation

Only the most fitting items from the renewal universe will be selected for introduction into our pre-renewal world, ensuring that every new addition has its place and purpose.