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04 July 2024


  • Fixed issue with Backstab skill where skills were copied and half of the skill tree was lost.
  • Abnormal mob movement is fixed. Grimtooth is fun again.
  • Fixed bug with Cart Revolution; it now pushes the target forward instead of to the left.
  • Resolved minor bug with the Costume Creator NPC (Chameleon).
  • Wind Walk Skill now persist after logout.


  • Defensive Gigantic Majestic Goat is now available with the Dimonka NPC.
  • Dragon Fire Formation no longer works under Land Protector.
  • Several new Cash Shop costumes have been added.

Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 00.48.41.png

27 June 2024

Fixes and Adjustments

  • Fixed Ayothaya boat spawn location in Alberta, which was previously spawning in the middle of the water.
  • Edited the Sightrasher skill to its correct 7x7 cell range.
  • Adjusted Necromancer Hood to cast at 5% as described, instead of the current 0.5%.
  • Edited Weapon Perfection levels 1-5 for better consistency. Client-side description updated also.
  • Adjusted Kandura drop rate to 0.5% from 0.05%.
  • Added Green Apple and Cotton Tuffs to the Pet Groomer NPC.
  • Added the following items to the Taming Gift Set: Sap Jelly, Small Doll Needle, Airship Parts, Spiritual Bandage.
  • Added more skills to the Plagiarism NPC.
  • Stalker/Rogue can now plagiarize their own skills like Double Strafe, Back Stab, etc.
  • Vesper moved to level 57 of Endless Cellar.
  • Drop rate for Endless Cellar version of Satan Morroc is reduced; use @mi 9001 to check.
  • Spear Stab no longer double attacks.
  • Devotion in Battlegrounds now works without the need for a party.
  • Bonus HP from Sage area skills is now removed if elemental armor is changed or removed.
  • Life Insurance now prevents pet intimacy decrement on death.
  • Stat/Skill Reset NPC no longer resets your buffs.

Items Descriptions

  • Fixed Harpy Card description to read 15% Neutral damage instead of 15% Formless.
  • Corrected Musika to read Jobs: High Priest, Champion.
  • Edited Filir’s Pinion to read ASPD +2% and reduces cast time by 2%.

Major Emulator update

  • Last update was half a year ago. Those interested can look into the Hercules GitHub release log starting from January 2024.

15 June 2024

New Pets and Evolutions

The following new pets have been released, along with several new pet evolutions.

  • Savage Bebe > Savage
  • Deviruchi > Diabolic
  • Evil Nymph > Bacsojin
  • Nine Tail
    • 23187.gif Sap Jelly drops from Moonlight Flower with a 9% chance
  • Cat O' Nine Tail > Moonlight Flower
  • Gremlin > Hodremlin
    • 231800 1.png Airship Parts drop from Gloom Under Night with a 4.5% chance
  • Lunatic > Leaf Lunatic
  • Mummy > Ancient Mummy
    • 23256.gifSpiritual Bandage drops from Evil Druid with a 0.5% chance
  • Teddy Bear > Abandoned Teddy Bear
    • 23189.gifSmall Doll Needle drops from RSX-0806 with a 9% chance
  • 9111.gif Phreeoni Egg
    • Drops from Phreeoni with a 0.09% chance
Detailed information about new pets will be posted in wiki ASAP.


  • Endless Cellar functionality expanded:
    • Global EC reset at 06:00 server time for the week.
    • Create a party and run Solo or with a party of up to 12 total people (11+1) Dungeon instance creation starts at lowest level completed out of all party members.
    • Experience is gained per completed level and split between party members within the dungeon (triggers upon touching the completed level portal).
    • Loot is party share. All equipment and cards that drop will be listed in chat box attached to who will receive these items in their claim window.
    • Only items that are claimed within the dungeon itself are after full clear with Pori Pori kill, Arc Pori Pori will individually issue end dungeon rewards.
    • Bubble Gum + EXP manuals do not effect drop rate and/or exp rates.
    • All loot gained within the dungeon will be attached to the players account and can be claimed at any time throughout the weekly EC cooldown from any character.
    • Loot will be listed in dialogue windows with the option to claim or ignore and move to the next page.
    • There are weight and item count checks within the script to ensure you dont lose items // auto drop when parameters are not met.
    • When inventory full, there will be a storeage only Kafra on the island to utilize for QoL.
    • Must be present on level completion at time of level clear to receive the loot into your claim window.
    • All progress of levels and experience // loot are account shared and also tied to UniqueID (PC ID) can be picked up or left off at any point within the dungeon.
    • Accounts with fully claim experience // items for the week can still join other players dungeons to assist but will receive no loot or exp.
    • Lockout timers are fully disabled, you may leave and rejoin an instance in progress (automatically caught up to progress of party leader).
    • For levels completed in your absence, you will still have a chance to join another instance to get exp + loot credit at another time.
    • Adding new party members in the middle of a run will automatically boot out party members and require the party lead to create a new instance.
    • Level 85+ to enter.
  • 5592.gif Sigrun Wings now drop from Gryphon with a 0.9% chance.
  • Butterfly Wings disabled from PvP arenas.
  • Girl’s Naivety can now be stored and traded.
  • Warpra NPC added to moc_fild21.
  • Repair NPC now repairs in one click. No more unnecessary dialogs
  • Storage Kafra added to New World.
  • Taekwon can now equip Swordman Medal of Honor.
  • Redemptio cooldown reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Kill announce re-enabled for WoE and PvP.
  • Enriched Elu/Ori boxes now tradable.


  • Some fields and cities in New World have been removed from /memo.
  • Elemental protection potions can no longer be dispelled.
  • Fixed display issues with Cursed Water/Consumable icons.
  • Adjustments made to fix the movement speed bug.
  • Fixed leftovers from the Mental Strength fix for Super Novices.
  • Death reset now works correctly on Super Baby.

08 June 2024

Endless Cellar mechanic reworked. Short highlights provided below. We will update Wiki Page Shortly

Entry Requirements:

  • Must be in a party.
  • The party leader must initiate the entry.
  • All party members must be online and on the map.

Reset Mechanism:

  • The instance resets every 6 days.
  • Players' progress is reset, and new entries are allowed after the reset.
  • If disconnected, players can rejoin the instance as long as their party remains intact.


  • Players receive drops from monsters which are stored and can be claimed later.
  • To claim drops, players must interact with the Cellar Protection Stone and select "Claim my Drops."
  • Drops include various items based on the monsters defeated.


  • Reject sword damage cannot exceed the caster's HP.
  • Solar Sword will no longer give effects when equipped with Rideword Hat.
  • Damage dealt recap is now listed per character on MVPs with Tombstones after kill.
  • Inn buffs can no longer be over-written with lower level or time frame versions of Agi / Bless.
  • Added New Costumes.
  • Valkyrie Miniboss no longer falls under @noks protocol.
  • Increased cooldown of Redemption to 10 minutes.
  • Increased duration of Weapon Perfection to 8 minutes.
  • Black Frame Glasses can now be put in guild storage.
  • Venom Knife is now available in all main Tool Dealers.
  • Removed Sting and Orc Archer Cards from card-drop announcements.
  • Toad is now blacklisted from Hunting Missions.
  • Changed Yuno save point location. New Coordinates: yuno,158,191.
  • Christmas Cookie Card now drops from Christmas Cookie.
  • Spirits Armors now provide proper defense.
  • Mercenary scrolls lvl 7 and below can now be storaged.
  • Soul Linkers can now equip Thorn Staff of Darkness.
  • Super Novice death count can now be reset with a special NPC located right under Prontera, prt_fild08.
  • Filir's Pinion can now be crafted with Dimonka NPC.
  • Sigrun's Wing now drops from Gryphon with a 1% chance.
  • Added @noloot command to exclude items from autoloot.
  • WoE castles now rotate. Current castles for Saturday and Sunday have been updated.
    • Saturaday. WoE 2.0: Mardol arug_cas01
    • Sunday: Rothenburg aldeg_cas05


  • Fixed rank commands. Ranking commands are now moved under @blacksmith, @alchemist, and @taekwon.
  • Fixed Plagiarism NPC. Logic rewritten. Now, the NPC will not miss and will provide additional skills.
  • Fixed game crashing when inspecting refined items above safe limit within trade window.
  • Fixed Necktie description to match RMS.
  • Fixed Howard Alt-Eisen Card description to match RMS.
  • Fixed Magnolia Card description to match RMS.
  • Fixed button warp on international airship. Lower level of airship is now walkable again.
  • Fixed issue where Full Buster cooldown prevented use of all consumables.
  • Fixed nullified messages for Star Gladiator Miracle skill.
  • Fixed bug where Super Novice Mental Strength activation caused stat loss.
  • Fixed bug where Wand of Hermode allowed songs to continue playing even when the performer is no longer in the cell with the active skill.
  • Fixed bug where slowing effects were ignored by players using speed pots.
  • Fixed SP issue when switching Ice Falchion and Elemental Sword for Assassins.

16 May 2024

  • Soul Linkers can again perform their skills.
  • Skills for few classes no longer show up under the "Etc" Tab.
  • Capacity for Rush BG mode is increased to 48 players.
  • BG Healer NPC now also provides level 10 Agi and Bless.
  • High Jump and Running Soul Linker skills now work within Battlegrounds.
  • Aspersio can now be used on members outside of your party
  • Costume Under Rim Glasses (Red) are now non-tradable.

11 May 2024

  • The new skill, Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 00.24.21.png Twilight Alchemy 4, is now available under Alchemist Link. This skill allows you to brew 200 Blue Potions simultaneously.
  • Made tweaks to the timings and positioning for certain skills, which theoretically should positively impact the effectiveness of Ninja's Crimson Fire Formation skill.
  • Announcements for kills in GvG and PvP maps are now enabled.
  • MvP Killer and Kill announcements can now be toggled with the @loginsettings command.
  • NPC Adjustments: Disabled several non-essential NPCs.
  • THQ Reward Update: Chests are rotated for Czhore's THQ Quest.
  • Server-Side Enhancements: We've made server-side improvements to maintain more API connections and process multiple events concurrently.

26 April 2024

  • Endless Cellar is back, now polished and bug-fixed. Feel free to join, solo or with a party.
  • Both the Stylist and Premium Stylist are fixed in conjunction with THQ Reward NPC; they are now performing their jobs again. We are still working on the paladin palette, which should be completed by the next maintenance.
  • You should no longer be warped into portals while using Fly Wings/Teleport.
  • As a result of Feature Voting, items will now drop identified no longer requiring magnifier.
  • MvP Rank Table now also shows personal ranks.
  • Bug triggering MvP kill message with quest mobs should now be fixed.
  • Blue Potion selling price has been reduced to 3000 zeny.
  • The Costume Mob Scarf is now tradable again.
  • Pets can no longer be used in WoE Castles.
  • Ally channel color now defaults to white.
  • You can no longer change guild leader during WoE.
  • Vending zones are now enabled in Amatsu and Gonryun.
  • Removed Eggring leftovers from several fields.
  • Airship assault has been removed from the server.

22 April 2024

This is the start of our focused efforts to enhance your gaming experience and ensure our server runs smoothly. Over the next few weeks, we'll roll out several updates targeting bug fixes and performance improvements. Your feedback is crucial to us during this process, and we appreciate your patience as we work to elevate our server's performance. Stay connected and watch our server improve with each update!

  • Skill Casting on Specific Cells: Fixed an issue where players were unable to cast skills on certain map cells.
  • Skill Use During Movement: Resolved a bug that caused players to stop moving in front of a mob without executing the skill.
  • Movement and Pathfinding: Enhanced movement and pathfinding algorithms. Characters now move more smoothly, can navigate around objects, and no longer get stuck in walls.
  • Script Processing: Improved script processing, which may resolve the consumable item bug affecting players with high latency.
  • API Server: The API server is back online after the DDoS attack. Players can now save character settings and guild emblems without issues.
  • Skill Restrictions in Dungeons: Fixed an issue with the use of Dispel in Endless Tower, Memorial Dungeon, Orc's Memory, and Nidhoggur's Nest; it is now functional. Additionally, the use of Eske and Dispel has been correctly disabled in the Sealed Shrine dungeon as intended.
  • Slot Machine: The slot machine now correctly awards Red Frame Glasses instead of the Costume Runaway Scarf due to a miscommunication in previous patch notes.
  • Client and Patcher: The client has been updated with the latest patches and a new patcher that is not flagged by antivirus programs. Updated files can be downloaded via links on our website.
  • Latency Issues: We are aware of ongoing latency issues for the SEA/APAC region. Our provider is currently working on a migration to resolve this and expects improvements by April 25th. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

19 April 2024

This update focuses primarily on new content, not bug fixes, though some minor additions are still included. We are actively working to resolve the cell bug post-LGP/client release, which is related to a third-party provider. Updates will be pushed live once assurances are obtained.

Endless Cellar Instance


The Endless Cellar is a new instance now available on the server. It comprises 77 challenging levels, with every 5th to 4th level presenting an opportunity to battle an MVP or mini-boss. The final seven levels are highly competitive, culminating in a battle against the end-game MVP. Prepare your team for a formidable final boss, Pori-Pori, boasting 45 million HP and enticing loot.

Access and Rules

  • Party Requirement: While the instance can be accessed solo, players must create a party to pass the NPC check.
  • Duration and Cooldown: Players have 6 hours to complete the instance. Afterward, it closes for 6 days.

Shortcuts and Items

  • Ashes of Darkness: Players desiring to skip levels 1-39 and start at level 40 must acquire Ashes of Darkness. These are dropped by Pori-Pori slaves at a low rate and can also be obtained as a reward for completing the Endless Cellar.
  • Dark Ashes: These items are available for trade on the market.


Upon completing the Endless Cellar and defeating Pori-Pori, each party member receives:

  • 1x Old Card Album
  • 1x Bloody Branch
  • 1x Jewelry Box
  • 1x Dark Ashes

PvP and Slot Machine


We are increasing focus on Battlegrounds (BG) and PvP interactions. Previously, skulls dropped in the PvP arena had limited uses but now serve a greater purpose through the new Slot Machine feature.

  • Slot Machine Mechanics: Purely random, offering exciting prizes.
  • Usage Requirements:
    • 10x Skull (from PvP arena)
    • 5x Valor Badges (from BG)
    • 25,000 Zeny
  • Winning: Prizes are randomly selected from an updated list if the spin is successful.

Prize Pool

Winners may receive one of the following:

  • 3x Poison Bottle Box
  • 5x AD Box
  • 10x BG Box of Resettlement
  • 10x BG Abrasive
  • 5x BG White Potion Box
  • 5x BG Blue Potion Box
  • 5x BG Speed Potion Box
  • 2x Blessing Scroll Box
  • 2x Agi Scroll Box
  • 1x Costume Runaway Scarf
  • 1x Dark Ashes

Note: Abuse of the system by repeatedly killing the same player in the PvP arena is monitored and will result in merciless sanctions.

Other Updates and Fixes

Adjustments and new things

  • Beelzebub's first phase can no longer be under @noks.
  • Elemental Swords: Can now be equipped in both hands without incorrectly reducing ASPD. Effects apply only when equipped in the right hand.
  • Redemptio Skill: Now has a cooldown of 35 seconds to prevent abuse during MVP battles.
  • Easter Event: Removed, but the Eggring Pet retains its effect permanently.
  • New Costumes: Introduced.

Temporary Disables

  • KillCount Command: Disabled for a week or two to address server-side issues.


  • Lori Luri repeatable quest: Removed.

30 March 2024

WoE Updates and New Castles:

  • WoE 2.0 Launch: Now live on the server!
    • Updated Castle Drops: For WoE 2.0.
    • WoE Schedule: Saturdays (1 SE + 1 FE Castle) and Sundays (WoE 1.0, 2 FE Castles). Same NPC Near Prontera Inn.

Easter Event Unveiled:

  • Rina's Adventure: Start an exciting journey in Prontera.
  • Eggrings: Encounter them across fields of Geffen, Prontera, Payon, and Lutie.

New Repeatable Quests Available:

  • Engage with various monsters like Gold Acidus, Ice Titan, and more, all with adjusted spawn cooldowns.

Item Descriptions and Properties Overhaul:

  • Voucher Descriptions: Clarified for Name/Color/Gender.
  • Costume Description: Group of Star Costume now shows 0 defense accurately.
  • Incubus Egg: Details and pet properties updated.
  • Item Adjustments: Including Red Prickly Fruit weight and Santa Beard defense removal.
  • Trade Restrictions: Removed for Well-chewed Pencil.
  • Costume Slot: Hopping Rabbit now fits only in the upper head slot.
  • Other Adjustments: Various minor item tweaks.

Enhanced Cell Stack Limit:

  • Increased Limit: To reduce random teleportation on login and enhance mob hunting.

Skill Effect Visibility Changes:

  • /effect Command Respect: Adjusted various skills to remove forced visual effects.

New Headgear Drops and Quests:

  • MvP Drop: Black Frame Glasses from MvP Kiel D-01.
  • New Quests: For Darkness Helm [1] and Peco Ears at NPC Dimonka.
  • Nidhoggr's Shadow: Now with proper MvP loot.

Additional Updates:

  • Abyss Lake Dungeon: Entrance added to Warpra NPC.
  • Tradable Gear: Battleground equipment and badges now tradable.

Introducing New Pets:

  • Drops Evolution: Including a special Easter Event Pet Eggring and Sweetest Drops.
  • New Pet: Little Isis and Gremlin egg.
  • Coming Soon: A cute version of Gremlin.

New Costumes:

  • Fresh Collection: A variety of new costumes await your discovery.

04 March 2024

New Client Release

We're excited to introduce the latest client version, fully compatible with the most recent emulator update. This release introduces enhanced security measures, refined packet communication, and a series of bug fixes addressing various client issues and residual errors.

Due to a new method of storing icons, all players will need to replace their guild icons to ensure compatibility with the updated client.

Additionally, we've included new commands to enrich your gameplay experience:

  • @lgp: Toggle the LGP feature on or off.
  • @square <on/off/1-14>: Activates a square overlay around your character, with customizable size options.
  • @circle: Initiates a circular overlay around your character.
  • @aoes: Visualizes skill effect areas with color-coded zones for Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, and Meteor Storm.
  • @shake: Enable or disable the screen shake effect.
  • Don't forget about !vsync + @refresh to reduce FPS limitation.
  • You are allowed to edit LGP with your sprites or colors without editing/adding any grf files.

General Enhancements

  • Increased Character Slots: Enjoy more character slots for a richer and more diverse gaming experience.
  • Updated Texture Fixes: We've addressed and corrected various texture bugs to enhance visual fidelity.
  • LGP Integration: Integrated LGP functionality within the new client.
  • Cash Preview: Preview cash items directly within the game, enhancing your shopping experience, no more Premi NPC.
  • New NPC UI: Interact with NPCs through a revamped user interface, designed for better usability.
  • New Palettes: Explore a broader range of color palettes for character customization.
  • And Many More: Stay tuned as we highlight additional features and updates in the future.

Login Settings @loginsettings

This new addition allows you to personalize your game settings, which will be automatically applied every time you log in.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Personalized Settings: With the Login Settings NPC, you can customize various settings to suit your play style. These settings will be saved and automatically applied upon each login.
  • Customizable Options: You have the flexibility to toggle settings such as Autoloot, Show Exp, Ignore BG, Disable #Trade, Disable #Party, Disable #Main, and Disable Card Announce.
  • Easy Access: Simply interact with the Login Settings NPC or use the @loginsettings command to adjust your preferences anytime.
  • On-The-Fly Adjustments: Change your settings on the fly and see the effects immediately, ensuring a tailored gaming experience that evolves with your preferences.

Continuous Updates: We are committed to enhancing your gameplay experience continually. Expect to see an expanding list of customizable options added to the Login Settings NPC over time, providing you with even more ways to personalize your journey.

New Quest Headgear


Head over to Dimonka NPC and discover the latest addition - now you can craft the Chicken-bricken.jpgChick Hat!

Get creative and style up your character with this new headgear option.

Required Items:

03card0301.jpg x1 Sidewinder Card

0150150103.jpg x1 Eggshell

029160202.jpg x500 Feather of birds

7539 1.png x1200 Poring Coin

New Costumes, 700 New Palettes, and Color Change Vouchers in the Cash Shop!

Dive into a world of color and style with our latest update:

New Costumes: Freshen up your wardrobe with an array of new costume options now available. Find your perfect look today!

Don't forget, you can preview them directly in Cash Shop

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 21.45.21.png

700 New Palettes: Customize your character like never before with 700 new color palettes. The possibilities are endless!

Color Change Vouchers: Introducing Color Change Vouchers in the cash shop - trade them, gift them, or use them to instantly update your character's palette.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 21.46.22.png

Minor Fixes and Enhancements

  • MvP Announce Now in Blue: MvP announcements will now stand out in a vivid blue color.
  • Mushroom Event Location Updates: We've updated a few locations for the Mushroom Event, keeping things fresh and exciting.
  • Revamped UI for Poring Exchanger NPC: Experience a sleeker, more user-friendly interface when interacting with the Poring Exchanger NPC.

27 February 2024

Minor fixes and adjustments

  • Added configuration to handle over 1,000 single clients during peak hours. We will monitor its performance.
  • The 5548aa.gif Scarlet Rose item can no longer be refined. All current refinement levels of 5548aa.gif Scarlet Rose will be removed and reset to 0.
  • Applied a walk fix from the latest emulator update.
  • The commands @ws and @wb can now be used as alternatives to @whosell and @whobuy, respectively.
  • The Change Cart 2 skill has been added to the Platinum Skill NPC.
  • Some minor leftovers from the last Hercules update and item fixes have also been addressed.

New Client Pre-download

Now, for the more exciting news, as we all have been eagerly awaiting a new client for quite some time.

Below, you will find mirrors to download the client. For now, the new client is disabled and cannot connect to the server. We are giving our community time to download it to ensure a smooth transition.

We will switch the server to the new client on Monday, March 4th, following scheduled maintenance. This gives you one week from today to download the new client. On Monday, March 4th, the old client will be locked, and it will no longer be accessible for use.

Download mirrors:

Storj (Direct)


Google Drive


19 February 2024

Server side emulator update

This update is mainly about improving the server side. It might not sound exciting, but we've highlighted some important changes that affect how the game plays. For detailed information, check the official Hercules GitHub repository, where listed all updates since v2023.03.08.

This is part of a big update we're rolling out. The next part will update the client, and we'll share a download link soonβ€”just ironing out some details from the server update. The last part will refresh the website's look and fix some leftovers.


  • Added an option to synchronize the flinch animation with walk delay, improving positional lag
  • Added an option to use an unit's current facing direction to search for free cells, instead of defaulting to east.
    • Advantages:
      • Improves distribution of mobs when dispersing after being grouped. This setting allows monsters to spread in a circular fashion instead of forming a long horizontal line.
      • Allows characters to move more naturally if they came from the east, instead of walking back.
      • In some instances, fixes characters walking in a loop unable to pick up an item.
  • Added an option to allow combo skills requested during previous skill's delay to be accepted (and queued up for execution), making them easier to trigger especially by players with high latency.


  • Changed the animation delay to match official behavior. skill_amotion_leniency now defaults to 0 which offers a more accurate official behavior.
  • Changed Poisoning Weapon to show the type of poison used when applied. Will be applied in new client.
  • Updated map list, mapcache, NPC and hateffect constant databases.


  • Added the missing EXP rewards for the Amatsu Dungeon quest.
  • Fixed some interactions of Ki Translation
    • It should fail with a skill failure message and not consume requirements when:
      • being cast on Gunslinger class
      • being cast on a player that already has 5 spheres
      • being cast on friendly non-player units (e.g. Mercenary)
  • Fixed some interactions of Absorb Spirit Sphere
    • It should fail and not consume SP when:
      • the target player doesn't have spheres
      • the target player is of Gunslinger class (due to teh game implementation not allowing them to have spheres)
      • the target player is friendly
    • It should fail and consume SP when:
      • used on a BOSS monster
      • used on a non-boss monster, but failing the 20% check
      • used on non-player units (like mercenaries)
    • moved the target check to condition cast end
  • Fixed the error message when a gunslinger is attempting to use a skill that requires coins without having the necessary amount.
  • Fixed the stacking of Poem of The Netherworld to match the behavior described in the 2012.08.22 official patch notes.
    • it cannot be placed over another instance of the skill
    • when trying to do so, it should show a position error to client
  • Fixed Sage's free case increasing ASPD instead of decreasing it when the skill level is lower than 10.
  • Fixed Triple Attack not applying the same motion delay as the client in the case the next combo is not possible, causing visual glitches.
  • Fixed the Triple Attack delay formula increasing delay with dex instead of decreasing it.
  • Fixed the Triple Attack animation not workingn when there's no possible chainable combo skill.
  • Fixed Triple Attack overwriting attackabletime.
  • Fixed combo delays applying to all combos-based skills and not sending the proper time to the client.
  • Fixed one cell movement not ignoring hidden objects (such as GMs) in its stack limit calculation.
  • Fixed an issue causing characters to be stuck in a walk loop while trying to pick up an unreachable item on the ground.
  • Fixed range and cast time for Soul Destroyer.
  • Fixed Dispel not working in duels.
  • Fixed songs not triggering their onleft or onout events when overlapping and turning into dissonance.
  • Fixed the range checks of Blade Stop:
    • Fixed the target's (as in triggering attack target, and Blade Stop caster) equipped weapon wrongly affecting the skill's working range.
    • Success range is changed to 2, to match the official behavior.
    • In pre-re, changed it to always succeed against player attackers regardless of range.
    • Changed it to always succeed for non-player casters regardless of range (custom Hercules behavior, officially only players may cast Blade Stop).
  • Fixed CELL_NOSTACK making mob AI not being able to reach target under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the critical bonus calculation from status effects getting truncated to 0.3 CRIT per point of LUK instead of 1/3.
  • Fixed some SC counters (including Storm Gust) not getting reset to 0 when a unit dies.
  • Fixed costumes blocking itemskill execution, even when items are being consumed.
  • Removed an incorrect afterCastActDelay from Sacrifice
  • Removed the fixed target from some combo skills. Monk skills act on the current target even if the last skill was used on a different enemy.

14 February

Valentine's Sweets Event

The Valentine's Sweets is a special account-based event designed to spread love and joy. This guide will help you navigate through the event's main quests, focusing on interactions with NPCs Pinkamenia and the Baker Extraordinaire in the charming town of Hugel.

Getting Started

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 22.37.03.png

Find Pinkamenia in Hugel: She's your primary contact for the event, initiating your quest journey.

Quest Progression

Talk to Baker Extraordinaire near Pinkamenia in Hugel. Bring a 5024.gif +5 Cake Hat to him . The Baker will take your 5024.gif +5 Cake Hat and provide you with a 5024.gif Special Cake Hat. This unique hat is not just a cosmetic item; it's imbued with the magical ability to drop . Stolen Cacao from Demi-Human monsters. Drop rate of . Stolen Cacao is ~ 8%.

Collecting Stolen Cacao

Objective: Armed with the Special Cake Hat, your next mission is to collect 15 .Stolen Cacao. These flowers are pivotal for advancing in the event and unlocking the ability to exchange them for sweet rewards.

Monsters to Target: Focus on defeating Demi-Human monsters while donning the Special Cake Hat. These monsters are now more likely to drop Love Flowers, thanks to the enchantment on your hat.

Exchanging Stolen Cacao

Trading with Pinkamenia: After gathering the requisite .Stolen Cacao, return to Pinkamenia. She offers a variety of items, each with its own .Stolen Cacao cost, allowing you to choose rewards that best fit your adventure or collection.

Discover the unique charm of Valentine's event with these exclusive headgears

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 23.00.00.png

Love Valentine's Hat

Effect: Increases Maximum HP & SP by 7%.

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 22.59.49.png

Scarlet Rose

Effect: Luk +1, 2.5% chance to drop Witherless Rose from mobs.

Complete list of Items in Pinkamenia shop
Item name Effect Price
5393aa.gif Love Valentine's Hat Increases Maximum HP & SP by 7%. .120
5548aa.gif Scarlet Rose Luk +1, 2.5% chance to drop Witherless Rose from mobs. .100
12123.gif Honey Pastry Flee +30 for 3 minutes. .20
12414.gifGuarana Candy ASPD +10%, cast Level 5 Increase Agi for 30 minutes. .15
12122.gif Sesame Pastry HIT +30 for 3 minutes. .10
12319.gif Rune Strawberry Cake ATK, MATK + 5 for 10 minutes. .3
12062.gif Chocolate Mousse Cake DEX + 2 .2
596.gifCute Strawberry-Choco Recovers a small amount of SP. . 1
Sss597.gif Lovely Choco-Tart Recovers a small amount of HP . 1

Additional Info

  • Tradability of Items: All items obtained during this event are tradable.
  • Event Duration: The event runs until Sunday, 18th, 23:59 Server Time.
  • Stolen Cacao Drops: Post-event, Stolen Cacao will no longer drop from mobs.

Fixes and adjustments

  • Same-Sex Marriage Now Enabled: Engage with Happy Marry at Prontera Church to celebrate love in all its forms.
  • Tuxedo Equipment Update: Tuxedos are now wearable.

09 February 2024

Branches and MvP locations restrictions.

Expanded Branch Locations: We've added 24 new locations for branches, enhancing the exploration and discovery aspect of the game. The exact locations remain a mystery for adventurers to uncover on their own. Happy hunting!

MvP Hunting

Skill Restrictions at MVP Locations: To maintain the challenge and integrity of MVP encounters, we've implemented restrictions on certain skills at all MVP locations:

  • Warp Portal
  • Ice Wall is blocked, with the exception of Biolab 3
  • Loki's Veil

Updated MVP Hunting Regulations: Full details will be published today. Stay informed to make the most of your MVP hunting endeavors.

Other Minor fixes

  • Soul Linker Skill Update: Soul Linker skills have been updated to allow their use as attack skills on players.
  • Vending Zone Optimization: The vending zones spaces in certain cities have been optimized.
  • Item Restrictions Lifted: Restrictions on guild storing and mailing the Rainbow Scarf and Devil's Bone items have been removed.
  • Branch Room Update: The Branch Room has been temporarily removed to allow for necessary fixes.
  • Seasonal Decorations: Prontera's Christmas decorations have been taken down. For those wishing to remove the snow sprites entirely, please download the latest uaro.grf from the #patch-files channel in our Discord.

24 January 2024

Private Branch Room

Contractor. Private branch room warper.

Players now have access to a Private Branch Room, where you can use your Bloody Branches and Dead Branches.

These rooms can be occupied by guilds, parties, or solo players.

  • Room Cost: 1.2 million Zeny for 40 minutes.
  • Cooldown: 20-minute cooldown between room re-enter.

Hunting Mission Shop Items Changes

  • Taming Gift Set Price Reduction. The price has been reduced to 35 points
  • New Item - 12106.gif Jewelry Box Now available in the shop for 100 points. The 12106.gif Jewelry Box randomly drops one of the following items:
    • Mitten Of Presbyter
    • Necklace
    • Diamond Ring
    • Thimble Of Archer
    • Rosary
    • Ring
    • Matyr's Flea Guard
    • Brooch
    • Clip
    • Earring
    • Glove
    • Safety Ring
    • Critical Ring
    • Glove
    • Ring
    • Rosary
    • Brooch
    • Earring
    • Vesper Core01
    • Vesper Core02
    • Vesper Core03
    • Vesper Core04
    • Thimble Of Archer
    • Orleans Glove
    • Spiritual Ring
    • Shinobi's Sash
    • Hyper Changer
    • Librarian Glove
    • Pocket Watch
    • Iron Wrist
    • Bradium Ring
    • Bradium Earring

New Dimonka Headgear Quest


Players can now create a Scarf.gifRainbow Scarf by completing the Dimonka Headgear Quest. Required Items:

7539 1.png Poring Coin x 1200

7166.gif Soft Silk x 500

Red-feather.gif Red Feather x 10

Blue-feather.gif Blue Feather x 10

Warpra and Tooldealers Update

  • Expanded Services. Warpra and Tooldealers now offer their services in every hotel around the world.
  • Warp and Save Points Adjusted. Several towns have had their warp and save points repositioned for closer proximity to general town NPCs.

Fixes and Nerfs

  • Poring Coins Drop Adjustment. Black and Red Mushrooms no longer drop Poring Coins.
  • Token of Siegfried Removal. Removed from the Poring Coin Shop in the Main Office.
  • Great Nature's Drop Rate. Reduced to 75%.
  • Gospel Buffs Reset. All gospel buffs will now reset upon relogging.
  • Mavka Spawn Rate Reduce. Changed from 20-30 seconds to 10-20 seconds.
  • Poring Coins Drop-Rate Increase. For some mini-boss monsters, increased from 3% to 6%.
  • Endless Tower Cooldown Reduction. Reduced to 6 days.
  • Abracadabra Restriction. Can no longer be used in towns.
  • Refinement UI and Process Update. The old refined UI is back in town. For regular equipment refinement using Oridecon and Elunium, visit town refiners. For refinement using Enriched Oridecon and Elunium, visit the refiner in Payon.

Few new classic costumes.

In this update, our focus isn't primarily on cosmetic items. However, we are pleased to introduce a select few new classic costumes. Enjoy these latest additions to our costume collection!

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 00.04.50.png

11 January 2024

Gameplay and System Adjustments

  • Restrict Dispel from Baphomet Maps. Effective immediately, the Dispel skill has been restricted from being used in Sealed Shrine dungeons. This change is aimed at balancing gameplay and ensuring a fairer experience in these areas.
  • Removal of WoE kill announce Messages. We have removed the kill-announce messages from WoE to streamline the battle experience and focus on gameplay rather than individual skirmishes.
  • Expansion of No-Branch Zones. Additional locations have been added to the no-branch list to prevent the usage of Dead Branches in key areas. This is to maintain the integrity of gameplay and to avoid disruptions in these zones. Following locations are available to open Dead and Bloody branches: prt_maze02,odin_tem02,thor_v02
  • Increased BG Deserter Penalty. The deserter penalty for leaving Battlegrounds early has been increased from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. This change is implemented to encourage consistent participation and to maintain the integrity of Battleground matches.
  • Removal of USA Proxy. The USA proxy has been removed, as direct connections have proven to be more efficient for players in all areas of North America.
  • Rodex Restriction on Green Live. Players can no longer send Green Live through Rodex. This change is to maintain the balance and intended usage of this item.
  • Removal of Hunting Mission Quest bugged mob. The Hunting Mission mob Wraith Dead has been blacklisted.
  • Warper Service Removal from Geffenia Dungeon. The Warper service has been removed from the Geffenia Dungeon to enhance the challenge and exploratory aspects of this area.
  • Adjusted Selling Prices for Farming Items. To balance the in-game economy, we have revised the selling prices of several items:
    • Mastela Fruit: Old Price 3250 Zeny, New Price 4250 Zeny
    • Diamond Ring: Old Price 7500 Zeny, New Price 12500 Zeny
    • Gold Ring: Old Price 5500 Zeny, New Price 7500 Zeny
    • Crystal Mirror: Old Price 5000 Zeny, New Price 6500 Zeny
    • Witherless Rose: Old Price 5000 Zeny, New Price 7500 Zeny
    • Frozen Rose: Old Price 5000 Zeny, New Price 14500 Zeny

Item Updates and Corrections

  • Elemental Converter Duration Correction. We have updated the descriptions of Elemental Converters to accurately reflect their duration of 30 minutes, as opposed to the previously stated 9 minutes.
  • Christmas Goblin Egg Description Revision. The description of the Christmas Goblin Egg has been revised for clarity and accuracy. Now it says +150HP instead of +1500HP
  • Name Correction for Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb. The item Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb has been renamed to Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb for accuracy.
  • Poring Coins in Buy License. Poring Coins are now available for purchase via Buying store License. This makes them more accessible to players.
  • Moonlight Flower Hat Description Correction. The redundant 'Jobs: All' in the description of the Moonlight Flower Hat has been removed for clarity.
  • Tropical Fruit Hat Selection Description Fix. Corrected the selected line for Carmen Miranda's Hat to accurately state β€œCarmen Miranda's of β€œTropical Fruit Hat”
  • Costume Drooping Kiehl Doll Weight Correction. The weight of Costume Drooping Kiehl Doll has been updated to 0, ensuring consistency with the standard costume item properties.
  • Weight Adjustment for Costume Drooping Aliot. The weight of the Costume Drooping Aliot has been corrected to 0, aligning with standard costume item properties.
  • Renaming of Costume Hermos Cap. Costume Hermos Cap has been renamed to Costume Hermode Cap for consistency and thematic accuracy.
  • Item Name Fix for Devliling Hat. Adjusted the name of the Devliling Hat for consistency and clarity in the item database.
  • Elu and Ori Boxes Description Accuracy. The description of Enriched Elunium (Elu) and Enriched Oridecon (Ori) boxes has been corrected. The item titles state β€œ5 Enriched Elu/Ori,” but the description inaccurately mentioned 10 each. The actual yield is 5, and this has been clarified.
  • Glaris Doll Hat Description Addition. The item description for the Glaris Doll Hat now includes the "+2 Int" attribute, clarifying its stat benefits.
  • Robo Eye Added to Vesper's Drop Table. Robo Eye has been added to Vesper's drop table with a 2.1% drop chance, offering players a new item to obtain from this monster.
  • Cursed Water Usage Correction. Cursed Water can no longer be used while sitting. Any attempt to use it in this state will have no effect.
  • Removed Blue Feather Requirement for Large Orc Hero Helm. The requirement of 300 Blue Feathers for crafting the Large Orc Hero Helm has been removed, simplifying the crafting process.
  • Addition of Skull Cap to 'Dimonka' Headgear NPC. Skull Cap is now craftable at the 'Dimonka' Headgear NPC with the following requirements:
    • 3000 Poring Coins
    • 200 Soft Feathers
    • 500 Skulls
    • 1 Black Dyestuffs

Location and NPC Price Adjustments

  • Gonryun Kafra Safe Point Update. The Gonryun Kafra safe point has been relocated from (160,62) to (159,117). This new location is closer to the Kafra, offering greater convenience for players.
  • Updated Payon Save Points. The Payon save points have been revised for better accessibility. Old South Kafra location (160,58) and Old North Kafra location (257,242) are now consolidated to a new single location at (156,231).
  • Silver Bullet Price Adjustment. The buying and selling prices for Silver Bullet have been revised to Buy 3, Sell 1.
  • Bloody Shell Price Adjustment. The buying and selling prices for Bloody Shell have been adjusted to Buy 3, Sell 1.

04 January 2024

This update may not be extensive, but it includes several nice fixes and improvements.

We are aiming to return to a schedule of weekly, small-scale maintenance.

Antonio Set

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 02.20.15.png

The previously non-functional Antonio Set now provides the following bonuses:

  • MaxHP +500
  • MaxSP +50
  • Bonus 15% Exp from all monsters

Christmas Goblin Pet

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 02.18.25.png

Antonio's Santa Hat now gives a small chance to obtain the taming item Sweet Candy Striper from all monsters.

Pet Bonuses

  • At Loyal intimacy level, the pet grants a bonus of +150 HP and +5% Damage against Water Element.
  • The pet will lose 3 intimacy points if the owner dies.
  • The pet does not have an autofeed option.

Updated Daily Rewards

The daily rewards have been refreshed and are now available again.

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 02.23.49.png

Bowling Bash Gutterlines Removed

The Gutterlines in Bowling Bash have been successfully removed.


Other fixes:

  • Removed the annoying red BG announcement.
  • Minor fixes to the Plagiarism NPC.
  • Adjustments to the Super Novice Spirit prerequisites.
  • Security updates to the website.

20 December 2023

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 23.06.01.png

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland of Prontera!

Dive Into the Enchantment of Christmas! As we celebrate the holiday season, players can experience the charm of our Christmas Event.

From the heart of Prontera to the outskirts, our world is transformed into a winter fairy tale, filled with quests, challenges, and unique encounters.

Christmas Festive Celebration

Celebrate the Season with our Christmas Event!

Join us in Prontera and beyond for enchanting quests, festive challenges, and special monster encounters. Embrace the holiday spirit and gather unique rewards!

Caroller's Music Box Quest

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 22.25.13.png

  • Location: Prontera
  • NPC: Caroller
  • Quest: Help Caroller create a unique 2784.pngMusic Box by gathering 6092.gif6 Pieces of Singing Crystal and additional crafting materials. Receive a 2784.png Christmas Music box and a

12354.pngBuche De Noel as rewards.

Santa Claus' Card Game Challenge

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 22.24.49.png

  • Locations: Payon, Prontera, Alberta, Geffen, Morroc
  • NPC: Santa Claus
  • Gameplay: Play a card guessing game with Santa Claus. Guess 3 out of 5 cards correctly to win festive treats like 12354.pngBuche De Noel, Pancakes, Firecrackers, and more!

Fashionable Santa Suit Mission

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 22.25.58.png

  • Location: Christmas village
  • NPC: Louise Kim
  • Task: Assist Louise Kim in crafting a 12132.pngSanta Suit by collecting specific items. The costume, while short-lived, adds a fun twist to the festivities.
Special Christmas Monsters. Encounter unique monsters like Christmas Jakk, Christmas Goblin, and Antonio. These monsters drop special items like Candy, Firecrackers, Wrapping Paper, and Singing Crystals.

Event Mechanics

  • Event Period: January
  • Key Locations: Prontera, Payon, Geffen, and more
  • Activities: Engage in unique quests, battle special monsters, and collect festive rewards.

Note: This description is based on the iRO Wiki Christmas Event 2008 Some features may vary. Wedding options are not available this year.

Christmas Costumes

Season Costumes

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 23.01.05.png

Winter Cookies, dropped by the delightful Christmas Cookie monsters, can be exchanged for limited edition Winter Costumes at the Prontera Main Office. (^_^).

New Cash Shop Costumes

Explore our latest collection of Cash Shop Costumes, now available to add a unique flair to your festive adventures!

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 23.17.24.pngScreenshot 2023-12-19 at 23.18.17.png

Pet Evolution Update

Scatleton > Skelion

The Scatleton pet can now evolve into a Skelion.

Pet Bonuses:
  • When the Pet Intimacy reaches the 'Cordial' level, it enhances Fresh Fish Healing effectiveness by 100%.
Pet Food:
  • The preferred food for this pet is Yummy Meat, available for purchase from the Groomer NPC.
Evolution Requirements:
  • 2x Scatleton Memory, dropped by Skeggiold.
  • 100x Delicious Meat, purchasable at the Groomer NPC.
  • 100x Cookie Bat dropped by Christmas monsters.
Pet Accessories:
  • Dark Mane, obtainable from Atroce.

Green Petite > Earth Deleter

The Petite pet can now evolve into an Earth Deleter.

Pet Bonuses:
  • At 'Loyal' intimacy level, the pet provides a bonus of +3% ASPD and +3 AGI.
  • At 'Cordial' intimacy level, the pet provides a bonus of +2% ASPD and +2 AGI.
  • At 'Neutral' intimacy level, the pet provides a bonus of +1% ASPD and +1 AGI.
  • Below 'Neutral' intimacy level, the pet provides a bonus of +1% ASPD.
Pet Food:
  • The preferred food for this pet is Pet Food.
Evolution Requirements:
  • 3x Shining Stone.
  • 100x Petite's Tail, dropped by Deleter.
  • 150x Aloebera.
  • 1x Deleter Card.
Reduced Intimacy Penalty for Evolved Pets on Owner's Death. Intimacy for evolved pets will now decrease by 3 points if the owner dies, as opposed to the previous rate of 20 points.

Battleground Gameplay Enhancements

New Consumable Items

Enhance your Battlegrounds experience with these newly available consumable items, purchasable with all types of badges:

  • BG Acid Bottle Box: Each box contains 10 BG Acid Bottles.
  • BG Poison Bottle Box: Each box contains 10 BG Poison Bottles.
  • BG Bottle Grenade Box: Each box contains 10 BG Bottle Grenades.

Note: These items are exclusively for use in Battleground locations.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • AFK Policy: Players inactive for 60 seconds will be automatically removed from the Battlegrounds to ensure active and fair play.
  • Report AFK Command: The @reportafk command is now accessible to all players in Battlegrounds, allowing you to report AFK players easily.

General Gameplay Changes

  • Great Nature via Rodex: The ability to send Great Nature through Rodex has been removed.
  • Card Drop Announcements: Global messages for card drops have been removed, except for MvP and mini-boss cards.
  • @noks and @ignorebg: These commands are now activated by default upon login.
  • Dead Branch Usage: Usage of Dead Branches has been removed from certain low-level fields and dungeons.
  • Guild Storage in Dewata: Guild Storage can now be accessed in the Dewata area via Kafra service.
  • Inventory Restriction Update: For the Tripatriate Union’s Feud quest NPC, the food item inventory restriction has been increased from 5 to 50.
  • Tool Dealer in Alberta Inn: A new tool dealer has been added to the Alberta Inn.
  • Aldebaran Castle Flag Warp: The warp location for players using the Aldebaran Castle Flag has been changed.

Bug Fixes

  • Soul Destroyer: The range of Soul Destroyer has been corrected to 9 cells.
  • Slow Grace Effect: The Slow Grace effect will now cancel upon death.
  • Monster's Assumptio in lhz_dun03: Assumptio used by monsters in lhz_dun03 can now be dispelled.

30 November 2023

Pet changes

  • Pet Autofeed for Evolved pets is now enabled. You no longer need to worry about your pet losing its evolution. Just make sure you have the necessary pet food and feature is activated in your Pet Information window.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 16.05.17.png

  • The decrement of pet intimacy if the owner dies has been changed from 20 to 1.
  • Additional pet food now available at Pet Groomer

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 16.14.42.png

The 12105.gif Set Of Taming Item is now available through the Hunting Mission Store.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 16.20.29.png

Below, you can find a list of Taming Items that you can obtain.















































Poring Coin Trader Related

  • The 13610.gif Giant Fly Wing 50 Box has been added to the Poring Coin Shop.
  • The price of 14601.gifTyr's Blessing has been changed from 50 to 25.
  • The price of 12214-1.gifConvex Mirror has been changed from 6 to 20.

Name and gender change vouchers

7922.gif Name Change Voucher and 7922.gif Gender Change Voucher have been added to the Cash Shop.

They can be used to change your character's name or gender with the Voucher Redeemer NPC.


Gameplay Related

  • Fixes in some items, they can now be equipped by some extended classes such as Taekwon, Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul Linker, and Star Gladiator:
  1. Sprint Mail
  2. Sprint Ring
  3. Sprint Shoes
  4. Armor of Naga
  5. Ring Of Flame Lord
  6. Ring Of Resonance
  7. Shield of Naga
  8. Vesper Cores
  • Several Maps added to non-branch areas.
  • Several more skills have been added to the Plagiarism NPC.
  • Tool dealers are now available in popular Inns. Warpra has also been moved closer to the inns.
  1. Izlude
  2. Geffen
  3. Payon
  4. Morroc
  5. Alberta
  6. Aldebaran


  • There have been some changes in the consumable items script, which may affect a bug related to item consumption.
  • You will no longer receive loot and experience from a monsters if you are 32 cells away from it.
  • The Endless Tower exploit has been fixed by adding an official cooldown period of 1 week. I'm aware of the same exploit in a few other dungeons, and I strongly recommend that you do not abuse it until it is fixed in a few days.
  • Missing descriptions for some costumes have been added, and their positions have been corrected.
  • Other minor fixes in items descriptions and Winter Season preparations.

17 November 2023

Castle Rotation and revised drop

  • Starting from the next WoE, there will be a castle rotation.
  • Guilds will lose their currently occupied castles, but the castle economy will remain untouched.
  • The economic status will be equally distributed among the castles after WoE.

The following items will be available to drop from Treasure Chests:

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 19.53.55.png

Fadhgridh. Prontera

Chest 1

Poring Coin: 100%

Yggdrasil Berry: 100%

Old Card Album: 50%

Bloody Branch: 20%

Muffler: 40%

Shoes: 40%

Chain Mail: 40%

Buckler: 40%

Chest 2

Poring_Coin: 100%

Union Of Tribe: 25%

Enriched Elunium: 25%

Enriched Oridecon: 25%

Jewel Sword: 10.75%

Magic Card Album: 0.05%

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 19.54.23.png

Hohenschwangau. Al de Baran

Chest 1

Poring_Coin: 100%

Bloody Branch: 20%

War Axe: 3.75%

Chain Mail: 40%

Enriched Oridecon: 25%

Mirror Shield: 50%

Old Card Album: 50%

Chest 2

Poring Coin: 100%

Union Of Tribe: 25%

Enriched Elunium: 25%

Yggdrasil Berry: 100%

Muffler: 40%

Helm Of Sun: 0.1%

Magic Card Album: 0.05%

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 19.55.03.png

Holy Shadow. Payon

Chest 1

Poring_Coin: 100%

Bloody Branch: 20%

Yggdrasil Berry: 100%

Muffler: 40%

Shoes: 50%

Chain Mail: 40%

Buckler: 40%

Old Card Album: 50%

Chest 2

Poring Coin: 100%

Union Of Tribe: 25%

Enriched Elunium: 25%

Enriched Oridecon: 25%

Glove: 2.3%

Elven Ears: 1.25%

Magic Card Album: 0.05%

Card Albums Drop

Magic Card Album Cards Drop

Angeling Card

Gryphon Card

Dark Illusion Card

Deviling Card

Dragon Fly Card

Vagabond Wolf Card

Mastering Card

Mutant Dragon Card

Mysteltainn Card

Vocal Card

Owl Duke Card

Owl Baron Card

Archangeling Card

Executioner Card

Tirfing Card

Eclipse Card

Chepet Card

Choco Card

Cat O Nine Tail Card

Kobold Leader Card

Chimera Card

Toad Card

Bloody Knight Card

Ungoliant Card

Gemini Card

Hydro Card

Tha Maero Card

Tha Odium Card

Tha Despero Card

Old Card Album

Additional cards have been added to the Old Card Album, available with a low drop chance.

Green Maiden Card

Seyren Windsor Card

Eremes Guile Card

Howard Alt-Eisen Card

Kathryne Keyron Card

Cecil Damon Card

Baroness of Retribution Card

Dame of Sentinel Card

Mistress of Shelter Card

Lady Solace Card

Egnigem Cenia Card

Armeyer Dinze Card

Wickebine Tres Card

Errende Ebecee Card

Laurell Weinder Card

Kavach Icarus Card

Dimik Card

Archdam Card

Venatu Card

Blue Acidus Card

Gold Acidus Card

Green Ferus Card

Red Ferus Card

Red Ferus Card

Yellow Novus Card

Red Novus Card

Dragon Egg Card

Aliot Card

Aliza Card

Alicel Card

Tatacho Card

Tatacho Card

Luciola Vespa Card

Centipede Card

Cornus Card

Dark Shadow Card

Hillsrion Card

Draco Card

Aqua Elemental Card

Battleground Rewards and Shop Adjustments

  • Battlegrounds now award different types of badges:
    • Capture the Flag: Bravery Badge
    • Deathmatch: Valor Badge
    • Rush: War Badge
  • Consumable items have been moved to the @bgshop command.
  • The @bgshop now accepts all types of badges as currency.

Gameplay Updates

  • @noks Lock duration reduced to 5 seconds and will cancel upon using Fly Wing/Teleport.
  • An Inn Healer has been added to the Einbroch Hotel.
  • Concentration Potions are once again available at the Tool Dealer.
  • Homunculus Vanilmirth's race changed from Formless to Demi-Human.
  • Toy Factory loot sale prices have been unnerfed:
    • 722.pngPearl > 3000z
    • 539.pngPiece of Cake > 1500z
  • Vending spaces in Payon are now more organized with certain cells restricted for vending.
  • The Halloween Quest NPC has left Niffelheim until next year.

Cash Shop Additions

  • A selection of new, exciting costumes has been added to the Cash Shop.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 19.52.23.png

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 19.52.34.png

Skill Adjustments

  • Bowling Bash's range increased to 2 cells to reduce the range-mob bug.
  • Fixed an issue where Sage's Free Cast increased ASPD instead of decreasing it at skill levels lower than 10.
  • Soul Breaker's range increased to 9 cells.
  • The Grand Cross skill can now be plagiarized.

Bugs and Fixes

  • Corrected item and skill descriptions that were inconsistent with pre-renewal formulas.
  • Removed King Poring Hat from the cash shop.
  • Elemental converter scrolls can no longer be used while sitting.

28 October 2023

πŸŽƒ Halloween Event Special πŸŽƒ

Discover the Hallows’ Eve Event NPC in Niflheim.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 20.36.09.png

This will introduce the Skeleton Transfer Station: a unique cage where the adorable Scatleton pet awaits. Use a Pet Incubator to lure it out and make it yours!

Required items

Item name Amount
567.gif Prawns 150
628.gifWell-Dried Bones 50
.Black Cat Dolls 200

Pet Spotlight: Scatleton

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 20.38.12.png

If your Scatleton reaches the Loyal Intimacy level, it will boost the recovery rate of Fresh Fish consumables by a whopping 70%.

The event will now last for the upcoming two weeks. So, grab your Scatleton before it's too late! Once the event is over, this pet won't be available until Halloween next year.

πŸ‘— New Fashion Alert πŸ‘—

Fresh costumes have arrived! Check them out both in the Cash Shop and at the Premi NPC.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 20.23.31.png

Note: Please ensure to run the patcher to access and view the latest costumes correctly.

Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements

  • The Nydhogg's dungeon is now accessible via the warpra NPC.
  • Experience faster airship transitions between towns, with travel times slashed by 50%.
  • The plagiarism NPC has been enhanced with additional skill options.

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved the Backstab skill malfunction within its designated range. The skill should now operate with 1 cell range.
  • Fixed the issue with Crystalized Teardrop which prevented it from being sold or dropped.
  • Costume Rabbit two-side removed from Cash Shop.
  • Yao Jun Hat can now be sold to NPCs and dropped as intended.
  • Costume Rabbit two-side removed from Cash Shop.
  • Evil clone spawn has been disabled upon entering PvP arenas.
  • Sprint ring, Ring of Res, and Ring of Flame are now equippable by extended classes, rectifying the oversight from the September 15 update.
  • Implemented a restriction to prevent the Ice Wall skill from being cast in towns.
  • Springa NPC, Bag of Nuts NPC and Spring Rabbits monsters has been temporary removed.

NPC Related

  • Incorporated a close/exit button for the "Who’s online" NPC.
  • Evil clone spawn has been disabled upon entering PvP arenas.
  • Fixed the visual anomaly of Turtle Island scholar floating beyond the ledge in Alberta.

BG Related

  • War Badge has been made storable.
  • The Stone Control mode has been temporarily removed from the Battleground rotation for further evaluation.

14 October 2023

Battleground Related:

  • Idle Time Adjustment: Players will now be marked as idle after 30 seconds. Following this, any BG member can use the @reportafk command. If no action is taken, the player will be automatically kicked after 60 seconds of inactivity.
  • Gear Slot Fix: The issue where gear obtained using @bgshop came without slots has been fixed. If you have unslotted BG equipment, please submit a ticket, and it will be swapped for the corrected version.
  • Badge Rewards and Minimums: Badge rewards and minimum amounts of participants for different BG modes have been adjusted based on participant numbers and current online count.

Items Related:

Item Script Rework: Scripts for Enchantment Scrolls, Magnifiers, and Bless/Agi Scrolls have been rewritten. This should reduce issues when consuming these items on a low ping.

New Headgears:

Dimonka's Offerings: Dimonka has introduced a selection of new headgears for players.

Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 00.16.16.png

Pets Related:

  • Pet Autofeed: The pet autofeed function has been disables, and should not be bugged.

New Costumes:

  • Classic Additions: Several new classic costumes have been added to the game.

Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 01.06.35.png

12 October 2023

Battlegrounds Related

  • Stat food removed from BG and WoE Consumable Shop.
  • Prices for all BG/WoE items have been significantly reduced.
  • BG Katar has been added to the BG Shop.
  • Potions (without boxes) are now available in BG and WoE Shops.
  • War Badge now can be stored.
  • BG timers have been slightly adjusted: rotations will now occur every 7 minutes if there are no players available to start.
  • Kills required to win in Team Deathmatch mode have been reduced to 50.
  • Duration for Rush mode has been reduced to 12 minutes.
  • Conquest mode has been added.
  • The list of BG items is not final and will be updated regularly.

Pet Related

  • Evolution is now available for the following pets:
    • Yoyo β†’ Choco
    • Poring β†’ Mastering
    • Mastering β†’ Angeling
    • Rocker β†’ Metaller
    • Orc Warrior β†’ High Orc
    • Pecopeco β†’ Grand Peco
    • Dokebi β†’ Am
    • Mut Bongun β†’ Yao Jun
  • The issue where pets disappear with the items needed for evolution has been fixed.

Items Related

  • Yao Jun Hat drop has been added to the mob, Yao Jun.

10 October 2023

Pet Evolution

Now, certain pets can evolve to the following forms

Poring β†’ Mastering

Awkward/Shy Neutral Cordial Loyal
CRIT + 1LUK + 2 CRIT + 1LUK + 3 CRIT + 2LUK + 3 CRIT + 3LUK + 3

Mastering β†’ Angeling

Awkward/Shy Neutral Cordial Loyal
MaxHP + 1%

Heal effectiveness + 2%

MaxHP + 1%

Heal effectiveness + 4%

MaxHP + 2%

Heal effectiveness + 6%

MaxHP + 2%

Heal effectiveness + 8%

Rocker β†’ Metaller

Awkward/Shy Neutral Cordial Loyal
HP Recovery + %5

Max HP + 25

HP Recovery + %10

Max HP +38

HP Recovery + %15

Max HP +55

Damage (physical and magical) against plant race monsters

increased by 3%.

HP Recovery + %20

Max HP +70 Damage (physical and magical) against plant race monsters

increased by 6%.

Orc Warrior β†’ High Orc

Awkward/Shy Neutral Cordial Loyal
ATK + 10

DEF - 3

ATK + 15 ATK + 20 ATK + 25

Pecopeco β†’ Grand Peco

Awkward/Shy Neutral Cordial Loyal
MaxHP + 150 MaxHP + 200 MaxHP + 300 MaxHP + 400

Bongun β†’ Yao Jun

Awkward/Shy Neutral Cordial Loyal
VIT + 1 Increases tolerance to Stun by 1%. VIT + 2 Increases tolerance to Stun by 2%. VIT + 3 Increases tolerance to Stun by 3%. Add 1% chance of restoring 1% of damage as SP when performing physical attack VIT + 4 Increases tolerance to Stun by 4%. Add 1% chance of restoring 1% of damage as SP when performing physical attack

Dokebi β†’ Am Mut

Awkward/Shy Neutral Cordial Loyal
MATK + 1% MATK + 2% MATK + 3% MATK + 4%

Battleground (BG)

WoE Consumables

  • WoE Supply Box (contains 100 WoE Light White Potion and 50 WoE Light Blue Potion)
  • 10x WoE Speed Potion Box
  • WoE Whole Roast (+7 STR)
  • WoE Sumptuous Feast (+7 VIT)
  • WoE Soul Haunted Bread (+7 DEX)
  • WoE Special Royal Jelly Herbal Tea (+7 INT)
  • WoE Steamed Alligator with Vegetable (+7 AGI)
  • WoE Assorted Shish Kebob (+7 LUK)

BG Consumables

  • BG Assorted Shish Kebob (+7 LUK)
  • BG Steamed Alligator with Vegetable (+7 AGI)
  • BG Special Royal Jelly Herbal Tea (+7 INT)
  • BG Soul Haunted Bread (+7 DEX)
  • BG Sumptuous Feast (+7 VIT)
  • BG Whole Roast (+7 STR)
  • BG Box of Resentment (+20 ATK)
  • BG Abrasive (+30 Critical Rate)
  • BG Supply Box (contains 100 BG Light White Potion and 50 BG Light Blue Potion)
  • 10x BG Speed Potion Box (I changed "WoE" to "BG" here since it's under the BG consumables section)

Battleground (BG) Exclusive Item Price Adjustments

  • Prices have been reduced by 30%.

Updated Battleground Modes

Flavius - CTF (Capture The Flag)

  • Badge: War Badge
  • Winning Team: 8 badges
  • Losing Team: 3 badges
  • Match Tie: 5 badges
  • Additional Condition: HP and SP are decreased by 5% every 2000 milliseconds for the player carrying the flag.

Flavius - Team Deathmatch (TD)

  • Badge: Valor Badge
  • Winning Team: 8 badges
  • Losing Team: 3 badges
  • Match Tie: 4 badges
  • Objective: Teams need to reach a certain number of kills to win.

Flavius - Stone Control (SC)

  • Badge: Bravery Badge
  • Winning Team: 12 badges
  • Losing Team: 5 badges
  • Match Tie: 6 badges
  • Additional Condition: HP and SP are decreased by 5% every 2000 milliseconds when a stone is in hand.


  • Badge: War Badge
  • Winning Team: 8 badges
  • Losing Team: 4 badges

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Fly Wings and Butterfly Wings were consumed but not functioning properly with high ping. If this solution proves effective, a similar hotfix for scrolls will be released.
  • The Earth Deleter Card issue has been fixed; it now works exclusively with melee damage.
  • Field Manuals from Daily Rewards can now be stored.
  • The MVP announcement bug has been fixed.

23 September 2023

πŸ”₯ Major Update: Battlegrounds Modes Unveiled! πŸ”₯

Adventurers of Rune Midgard, the time has come to showcase your valor! After much anticipation, we're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our server: the Battlegrounds Modes. Step into these arenas and prove your worth in a variety of challenges, each offering a unique experience tailored for every kind of warrior. Whether you're a strategic mastermind or a fearless combatant, there's a mode just for you. Dive in and let the battles begin!

Battlegrounds Modes Description

Flavius - CTF (Capture The Flag)

  • Objective: Engage in a classic game of Capture The Flag where teams compete to seize the enemy's flag and return it to their base. Guard your flag while attempting to outwit and overpower the opposing team's defenses.
  • Points to Win: 3
  • Penalties: Holding the enemy's flag isn't without its challenges! Carriers will experience a 5% HP and SP reduction every 2000 milliseconds.
  • Rewards: Prove your team's superiority! The winning team is rewarded with 8 badges, while the losing team receives 3. In case of a tie, both teams are granted 5 badges.

Tierra - Bossnia

  • Objective: Dive into a boss-battling frenzy. Teams must combat and conquer a series of formidable bosses, accumulating points with each victory.
  • Points to Win: 5 (Total Bosses)
  • Boss Line-up: Face off against the mighty RSX_0806, the eerie GLOOMUNDERNIGHT, the fierce RANDGRIS, the chilling GARM, and the apocalyptic MOROCC.
  • Rewards: Teams that demonstrate their prowess by defeating the bosses will be handsomely rewarded. The triumphant team earns 8 badges, the defeated team gets 3, and in the rare event of a tie, both teams pocket 4 badges.

Flavius - Team Deathmatch

  • Objective: Engage in relentless combat where every kill counts. The team with the most kills by the end of the match claims victory. Sharpen your weapons, strategize with allies, and ensure your team comes out on top.
  • Kills Required to Win: 99
  • Rewards: Prove your team's mettle in combat. The dominant team that achieves the kill target is rewarded with 8 badges, the runners-up get 3, and if both teams display equal might, they each get 4 badges.

Flavius - Stone Control

  • Objective: Teams compete for control of mystical stones. Holding these stones grants power, but also comes with its own set of challenges.
  • Scores Required to Win: 99
  • HP and SP Penalties: Carriers of the stone experience a 5% HP and SP reduction every 2000 milliseconds.
  • Rewards: Harness the power of the stones and lead your team to victory! The winning team bags 12 badges, the losing team garners 5, and in case of a tie, both sides earn 6 badge.

Battlegrounds Command Guide

Before you charge into the fray, arm yourself with knowledge of the essential commands that will ensure a seamless Battlegrounds experience:

@joinbg: Eager to jump into the action? This command is your ticket into the Battlegrounds. Use it to swiftly join the queue as a solo player and prepare for battle!

@bgshop: Your prowess in the Battlegrounds won't go unrewarded! With the @bgshop command, you can access a special shop stocked with exclusive items available only to Battleground participants. Spend the badges you've earned from your battles to acquire rare gear. And good news: consumable items will be added to the shop very soon, broadening your choices even further!

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 21.15.57.png

All prices are in Badges.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 21.16.10.png

All prices are in Badges.

@bgregular: For those interested in the rankings of Regular Matches, use this command to see where you and others stand.

@order <message>: Coordination is key! Use this command to send a message to all your teammates in the Battlegrounds, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

@leader <name>: Think someone else would make a strategic leader? Or perhaps you've been chosen to lead the charge? Use this command to change the leader of the Battlegrounds match.

@reportafk <name>: Battlegrounds is no place for idleness. If you notice a player away from the keyboard, report them using this command, and they'll be promptly removed.

@ignorebg: If you wish to focus solely on the battle and not be disturbed by BG announcements, this command will allow you to ignore them.

πŸ› Introducing: Vendor Management System! πŸ›

Attention, merchants of Rune Midgard! We understand that setting up shop in bustling areas can sometimes be a chaotic experience. To streamline the process and make your vendor experience smoother, we're excited to unveil our new Vendor Management System!

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 21.23.22.png

  • Spot Picker NPC: Easily select a designated spot for your shop, ensuring no overlaps with other vendors.
  • Kafra NPC Added: Access Kafra services right at the marketplace for added convenience.

🎭 New Costumes in the Cash Shop! 🎭

Fashion-forward adventurers, it's time to elevate your style! We've stocked our Cash Shop with a range of brand-new costumes, ensuring you stand out in the crowd.

πŸ”— Support the Server: Love the content? Consider showing your support by donating here.

πŸ“Έ Sneak Peek




Dress to impress and flaunt your unique style in Rune Midgard!

πŸ›  Bug Fix Update πŸ› 

  • Good news, castle conquerors! We've addressed a recent issue that affected the drop rates in castles. The drop for Enriched Ori/Elu has now been restored to all castles. Continue your sieges and enjoy the full benefits that come with ruling a castle!
  • MvP Announce is back.

15 September 2023

General Changes

  • Vending shops in Prontera are no longer available. A specific location has been designated for all merchants: Dewata. A warper to Dewata can be found in Prontera.
  • You can still set up stores in other towns and locations. Additionally, chat-rooms can be opened on the sides of the roads in Prontera.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 22.13.57.png

  • For a more convenient shopping experience, you can use the @searchstore command. This interface aids in finding both vending and buying stores.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 22.26.54.png

  • MvP Ranking Table is now available in Prontera.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 22.46.43.png

  • KoE has returned and will occur daily at 4 pm server time. The current reward for KoE is 20 Poring Coins. We welcome suggestions for additional rewards.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 09.07.05.png

Class Related

The following equipment, previously restricted to transcended classes, is now available to Gunslingers, Ninjas, Soul Linkers, Taekwonds, and Star Gladiators:

  • Armor of Naga [1] [Body]
  • Bison Horn [1] [Accessory]
  • Black Leather Boots [0] [Footgear]
  • Divine Cloth [1] [Body]
  • Dragon Breath [1] [Garment]
  • Expert Ring [1] [Accessory]
  • Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [1]
  • Orleans's Glove [1]
  • Orleans's Gown [1]
  • Orleans's Server [1]
  • Platinum Shield [0]
  • Ring Of Flame Lord [0]
  • Ring Of Resonance [0]
  • Shadow Walk [0]
  • Shield of Naga [1]
  • Sprint Mail [1]
  • Sprint Ring [0]
  • Sprint Shoes [1]
  • Thorny Buckler [1]
  • Tidal Shoes [1]
  • Valkyrian Armor [1]
  • Valkyrian Manteau [1]
  • Valkyrian Helm [1]
  • Valkyrian Shoes [1]
  • Vesper Core 01 [0]
  • Vesper Core 02 [0]
  • Vesper Core 03 [0]
  • Vesper Core 04 [0]
  • Vital Tree Shoes [0]
  • Wool Scarf [1]
  • Magic Bible Vol

In the west Prontera Inn, several new NPCs are available

  • Vincenzo offers various types of ammunition and grenades.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 22.44.31.png

  • Jackie provides a range of Kunai and Ninja-specific ammunition.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 22.44.55.png

  • Salvia can reset Star Gladiator’s Feelings and Hatred.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 22.46.15.png

Skills Related

Brandish Spear

  • KnockBackTiles: 1.

Bowling Bash

  • SplashRange: 3.
  • KnockBackTiles: 0.
  • Adjustments made to the Gutter Line.

Charge Attack

  • The range has been fixed to 14 cells.

Bug Fixes

  • Characters can no longer stack beyond a 1-cell limit. Merchants are especially restricted from stacking in one cell.
  • The Treasure Guild Shop NPC is now accessible.
  • Certain warp portal locations have been blocked.
  • Butterfly Wings are no longer allowed in No-Potion PvP.
  • Specific areas have been restricted for the use of Bloody Branches and Dead Branches.
  • Adjustments made to item quantities required for Monk quests.
  • Baby Dragon Hat has been removed from the server.

21 July 2023

Skills Related

Grand Cross

With the new changes, when mobs are gathered in the same cell, each one will feel the full force of every hit.

Gc-all-mob AdobeExpress.gif

Bowling Bash skill modification

  • Splash Range increased to 2.
  • Knock Back distance dicreased to 0.

Bb-no-demi-gutter-bug 0-knockback AdobeExpress.gif

Monster Stack and Grimtooth

  • Monster stack limit increased from 1 to 7 monsters.
  • These changes will pave the way for a more efficient use of the Grimtooth skill.


Songs additional effect

  • There's an additional effect that lasts for 20 seconds after player leave song zone.

Skills icons

  • Elemental converter scrolls script rewrited and now status icon with icons are appear.
  • Additionally duration of elemental converters increased to 30 min.

General Things

Changes in server-side configuration

  • Checks when processing scripts is modified. It should reduce bug when usable items are consumed without effect.

Autoloot configuration

  • Max number of items on @autolootid list increased to 20 items.

Noks Command Fixed

  • If this is activated and a player is using @noks, damage from others players (KS) not in the party will be reduced to 0.

Changes in monster AI

  • Mobs will update their target cell every few iterations.
  • Monster rethink its chase every 100 ms.
  • Monsters chase range increased by 20%

NPC Related

Poring Coin Items Update

  • 12210-1.gifBubble Gum Price reduced to 7539.gif 700 PC per price.
  • 7620.gifEnriched Oridecon and 7619.gifEnriched Elunium added to the shop.

WoE Related

New Castle

  • Additional Geffen Castle (Repherion) added to WoE. Let’s see how it will be, and maybe we will revert to 2 castles.

03 July 2023

General Things

  • New GM Controlled event called Devil Squre has been added. Event will take please every 1-2 days.

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 16.20.02.png

  • The Nidhoggur's Nest quest has been initiated and is now available for adventurers to embark upon.
  • The classic Prontera sprite returns, evoking nostalgia.

PvP Related

  • Izlude Arena has beed added as a default PvP
  • No-potion PvP map has beed added

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 16.20.42.png

  • Players now drop skulls upon defeat in PvP battles. These skulls can be traded for buffs within the PvP arena, enhancing your abilities in combat. Stay tuned for future updates as more rewards and items will be added for skull redemption. Efforts will be made to maintain a balanced gameplay experience.

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 16.21.11.png

Skills Related

  • Missing Icons for some skills has been added.
  • Longing for Freedom skill now appears in a right tab.
  • Wand of Hermode skill no longer ensemble skill type and can be used in solo during WoE time.
  • Bug with with Stalker/Rogue skills overwriting is fixed. Regrettably, Stalkers and Rogues affected by this bug cannot be addressed and fixed. To recover your character, please submit a ticket specifying the nickname of the affected character, and within the next 12 hours, I will restore it for you.

Cash-Shop Related

  • Many new costumes has been added.

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 16.21.31.png

If you encounter issues where donation is not available in your country, please contact me, and I will manually generate an invoice through PayPal for you.

NPC Related

  • Distance check has beed added to Plagiarism NPC.
  • Yakima NPC from May Hats now feeling well and not buging during hat creation.

New Server Rules

Please note that the following rules have been added/updated to the server:

4.1.9 Use @noks command to prevent monster stealing and kill stealing (If a player witnesses such behavior, they can file a complaint against the offender, and appropriate actions will be taken by the server staff.)

4.1.10 Leaving all monsters on the map at a low level is not allowed, and kill stealing is not welcome.

Text Related

  • Fixed GTB Card description. Instead of 80% now it says: Nullify all magic attack.
  • Kabuki Mask Costume: removed fake +1 Int in description.

Treasure Chest Drop Changes

Swanhild. Prontera

Treasure Box 33

Poring Coin: 100%

Yggdrasilberry: 40%

Muffler: 40%

Shoes: 40%

Chain Mail: 40%

Buckler : 40%

Old Card Album: 40%

Treasure Box 34

Poring Coin: 100%

Indication Of Tempest: 4%

Union Of Tribe: 25%

Bloody Dead Branch: 40%

Enriched Oridecon: 25%

Enriched Elunium: 25%

Bamboo Grove Hill. Payon

Treasure Box 30

Poring Coin: 100%

Union Of Tribe:25%

Bloody Dead Branch: 40%

Enriched Oridecon: 25%

Enriched Elunium: 25%

Cape Of Ancient Lord: 25%

Brooch: 1,9%

Treasure Box 29

Poring Coin: 100%

Yggdrasilberry: 40%

Muffler: 40%

Shoes: 40%

Chain Mail: 40%

Buckler: 40%

Old Card Album: 40%

Devil Square

Treasure Box 33

Poring Coin: 100%

Yggdrasilberry: 40%

Muffler : 40%

Shoes : 40%

Chain Mail: 40%

Buckler: 40%

Old Card Album: 40%

Treasure Box 1

Poring Coin: 100%

Yggdrasilberry: 100%

Bloody Dead Branch: 40%

Muffler: 40%

Shoes: 40%

Chain Mail: 40%

Buckler: 40%


General Changes

Skill Fixes

  • Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 21.02.29.png The Back Stab skill has been adjusted and can now be executed from any direction.
  • The behaviour of various types of Reflect Skills types has been fixed:
    • The amount of damage cannot be greater than the amount of HP the wearer of the skill has.
    • Reflect is not transmitted if the character is in the Safety Wall.
    • Monster Valkyrie Randgris is back on map.

General changes

  • Guild Storage is now available at all Kafras locations.
  • Quest Dungeon warper now available in all major towns.
  • 1-click rough elu/ori exchange available.
  • Some items descriptions to fit pre-renewal server set-up.
  • More maps blacklisted for Dead Branch summon.


Costume Converter

New NPC Chameleon allows you to convert the equipped headgear into a costume item.

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 20.31.29.png

Plagiarism NPC

Thieves and Stalkers can now copy the skill for a small fee.

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 20.50.34.png

Cash Shop Changes

  • Cash Shop Reorganised. New costumes will be available in tab "New". All other costumes in "Popular".
  • Lot of new costumes has been added.

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 20.37.52.png

Item changes

12321.gif Condensed White Potion now correctly gives: Critical + 7 for 10 minutes

547a.gif Condensed White Potion changed: 5 > 2

Hourly Rewards items improvements

Now you will receive 5 Gift Boxes or 5 Old Blue boxes instead of 1.

Economy control actions

  • Card Trader prices changes:

Old Card Album: 150 Points > 170 Points

Bloody Branch: 70 Points > 120 Points

WoE New time and Castles

Region 1 (Americas)

WoE Day: Friday

Time: 19:00 GMT-3

Conversion: Friday, 22:00 GMT (Server Time)

Castle: Payon. Bamboo Grove Hill

Region 2 (Asia/Pacific)

WoE Day: Saturday

Time: 20:00 GMT+8

Conversion: Saturday, 12:00 GMT (Server Time)

Castle: Prontera. Swanhild

Region 3 (Europe)

WoE Day: Sunday

Time: 20:00 GMT+1 (CET) or GMT+2 (CEST during daylight saving time)

Conversion: Sunday, 19:00 GMT (CET) or 18:00 GMT (CEST during daylight saving time) (Server Time)

Castle: Prontera. Kriemhild

KoE Changes

  • Now more than 7 people from the same guild cannot enter the KoE map.
  • KOE will take place every day at 16:00 server time.


General Changes

  • Merchants will be automatically logged off after a 7-day period on autotrade.
  • @alootid command has been added.
  • Exp/item sharing is disabled for idle members in the party after 60 sec. Before was 30.
  • It's no longer possible to summon mobs from dead branches in popular locations.

Pet Related

  • Pet rename enabled.
  • Instead of immediately be removed when its intimacy drops to 0 pet will randomly walk around the map before being removed.

NPC Related

  • Improved Refiner back in Prontera.
  • NPC Endless Tower moved near Prontera Inn.

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 00.37.58.png

Quest Warper

  • Now you can teleport to the second level of the Amatsu Dungeon with Quest Warper
  • Ayotaya Dungeon added to Quest Warperer.

Card Trader

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 00.34.31.png

Card Trader NPC Putty can offer you 10 points for each Card.gifCard, which you can utilize to purchase the following items from her:

Item name Cost
616.gif Old Card Album 150 Points
12103 1.png Bloody Branch 70 Points
7539.gif 7x Poring Coins 10 Points

Hourly Rewards

The hourly rewards system has been activated in experimental mode.

In the right right corner of the screen you will see a timer.

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 00.36.48.png

For every hour in the game (characters on @autotrade do not count) you will receive 10 Coins that can be exchanged for symbolic prizes.

You can get your prizes from the NPC Gold Point Manager In Prontera Inn:

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 00.37.15.png

Item name Cost
644.gif Gift Box 120 Points
603.gif Old Blue Box 240 Points

Other Changes

  • Spring Prontera is back.
  • KoE Disabled for the next week due to lack of participants.
  • Added missed descriptions and corrections to some items.
  • Server side security improvements and preparations for migration.

If you hame problems with patch, I also uploaded newest client on a website.


Spring Season Updates

  • Spring has come to Prontera, the map of Prontera has been updated with a spring theme.
  • Getting 7888.gifBag of Nuts just got easier. Monster Spring Rabbit has become weaker: HP:800, ATK:200-300
  • Prices of Spring Costumes are reduced.
  • You can now exchange your unused 23550.pngWinter Cookies with NPC Springa in Main Office.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 16.44.32.png

General Updates

  • New Π‘ostumes have been added to the cash shop. Prices on some costumes have been reduced by 50 to 70 percent.
  • Kafra service has been added to Lutie.
  • Some items in the Daily Rewards list have been replaced.
  • Updated interface for refining items.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 17.16.00.png

New Hair Styles, and Premium Stylist.

  • Several new hairstyles and many hair colors have been added to the regular stylist.
  • A Premium Stylist has appeared in the main office, who can dye your clothes in one of 34 colors for 2 Cashpoints.
  • You can reset your look with Control Panel on a website.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 17.28.49.png

Minor Fixes:

  • The channel colours have been changed to improve visibility.
  • Added descriptions for some items.
  • After the reboot, the Bomb Poring event returned to the server.
  • Disabled quests to obtain Godlike items.


Final WoE Preparations

Final preparations were made before the first trial War of Emperium.

WoE Information:

  • Event time: Saturday, 15:00 GMT (server time, you can find out with the @time command)
  • Castle: Prontera Swanhild (lower right castle on the map)
  • Duration: 1 hour.

WoE Information Board has beed added to Prontera, it will gives you following information:

  • WoE hours
  • Warp to castles

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 12.45.03.png

Spring Costumes

The first part of the Spring Costumes has been added.

The next update will add the ability to exchange unused Poring Coins

Hew Headgear quest

Fish in Mouth Has Been Added to Headgear Quests NPC.

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 13.44.15.png

Required items
Item name Amount
Poring Coin 700
Ancient Lips 350
Mystic Frozen 50
Rough Wind 50

New channels

As you requested, new channels for finding parties (#party) and selling things (#trade) have been added.

Other minor fixes

  • Changed some security settings on the client side.
  • Some fixes with PvP warper. Now it correctly shows the number of players in the arena.
  • Some monsters in Hunting Missions are blacklisted.
  • Christmas tree removed from Prontera.
  • Minimum donation amount changed to 5$. In-game Prices for costumes from early January are reduced by 50%.


New Costumes

The cash shop has been updated with numerous new costumes. See complete list of costumes.

New Repeatable EXP Quests

New Repeatable Quests have been added:

  • Lava Golems
  • Medusas
  • Deleters
  • Level limit for Goats Quest is changed

New Places in Quest Warper

Additional Quest Dungeon Midgard Camp has been added to Quest Waper:

  • Thanatos Tower Dungeon 3
  • New World
  • Midgard Camp
  • Manuk
  • Splendide

Skills Balancing

  • The Bowling Bash Gutterline bug has been fixed

New Proxy Location

  • USA - Datacenter in NY

Server hardware improvements

As our server expands and evolves, there is a requirement for increased server capacity. To address this, we have transitioned to a new server that boasts twice the performance capabilities of its predecessor.

Minor fixes

  • Some hunting missions mobs are blacklisted
  • @noks command fixed. Now it automatically activates protection against Kill Steal
  • Quest Warper has altered its decision in regards to providing you with free teleportation services, and has now opted to impose a modest charge of 5000Z
  • Ammunition for Ninjas and Gunslingers has been added to all ToolDealers


Quest Warper Fixed

A buffer overflow issue when utilizing a quest warper has been resolved, allowing for its continued use. The warper is currently only accessible in Prontera. Should you encounter any additional bugs, kindly report them to me. Misuse of the warper or violation of the rules will not be tolerated.

King of Emperium (KoE)

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 13.54.32.png

A simple GvG event will take place in the Prontera 3 times a day.

Start time according to server time (GMT)

  1. First KoE: 16:00 GMT;
  2. Second KoE: 22:00 GMT;
  3. Third KoE: 06:00 GMT.

You can find out more information about this event here: KoE Information

Hunting Missions

With the update, you now have the capability to undertake Hunting Missions. Upon completion of a mission, you will be rewarded with Experience, Zeny, and Mission Points that can be redeemed at a Mission Store.

To get the mission, talk to the NPC Hobota in Prontera Inn

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 22.49.11.png

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Mission conditions may be reset as many times as desired, with each reset costing 50,000 zeny.
  • Only one mission can be completed every 12 hours.
  • Missions can only be taken on one character per account.
  • Monsters that are killed by your party members within your screen view will be counted as being killed by you.
Mission shop
Item name Price
13855.gif Blue Butterfly Wing Box 5 Mission Points
13855.gif Green Butterfly Wing 5 Box 5 Mission Points
13855.gif Red Butterfly Wing 5 Box 5 Mission Points
14003.gif Elite Siege Supply Box 25 Mission Points
13610.gif Enriched Elunium 5 Box 70 Mission Points
13610.gif Enriched Oridecon 5 Box 70 Mission Points

If you have additional items you would like to recommend to Mission Shop, simply post your suggestions in the Suggestions channel on our Discord.

@whosell and @whobuy

Commands have been implemented to simplify the process of locating merchants who either sell or purchase items.


@whosell [item ID] or [item name]

@whobuy [item ID] or [item name]

If matching merchants are found, they will appear on the minimap

Economy control actions

1216.pngStiletto: 2,500 Z > 7,200 Z

722.pngPearl: 3,000 Z > 2,250 Z

539.pngPiece of Cake: 1,500 Z > 1,200 Z;

526.pngRoyal Jelly: 3,500 Z > 2,500 Z;

522.pngMastela Fruit: 4,250 Z > 3,250 Z;

Few minor fixes

1. Few consumable items added to regular tool dealers

505.png Blue Potion. Price: 7,000 Z

514.png Grape. Price: 1,500 Z

645.gifConcentration Potion. Price: 800 Z

2. This item now can be putted on autotrade.

547.png Condensed White Potion

3. PvP Warper moved more closer to Prontera Inn and now shows amount of players on arena.

Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 00.11.28.png


Quest Warper

A quest warper has been introduced to the game, providing players with the convenience of opening access to quest locations for all characters linked to their account. This feature simplifies the gameplay process by eliminating the need for players to manually complete quest or travel to quest locations, saving time and enhancing the overall gaming experience. Quest warper available in most major towns.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 23.55.45.png

To ensure the warp is saved for all characters on your account, locate a designated NPC located near the portal on the first level and utilize their services to save the warp.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 23.56.17.png

The warper function only enables teleportation to the initial level of a quest dungeon once it has been unlocked.

Available locations for save:

  • Amatsu Dungeon;
  • Central Laboratory Instance;
  • Geffenia;
  • Kiel Robot Factory;
  • Moscovia Dungeon;
  • Nameless Island and Abbey Dungeon;
  • Rachel Sanctuary;
  • Thanatos Tower.


Added @killcount command to count killed monsters.

How it works

Enter command @killcount [monster ID]

Example: @killcount 1002 to counting Porings monster.

To reset counting enter: @killcount reset

More buffs for inns

Inns Keepers in Lighthalzen, Moscovia and Veins now giving buffs too.

Hew Headgear quest

Dragon Hat [1] Has Been Added to Headgear Quests NPC.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 13.32.22.png

Required items
Item name Amount
Poring Coin 700
Red Bijou 250
Yellow Bijou 250
Green Bijou 250

Changes in Poring Coin Exchanger

  • Bubble Gum has been added to Poring Coin Exchanger.
  • Kafra Card and Kafra card boxes have been added to Poring Coin Exchanger.
  • Tyr’s Blessing Price changed: 15 PC > 50 PC.
  • Token of Siegfried Price changed: 5 PC > 30 PC.

Other minor fixes

  • Valkyrie zero weight restriction when rebirth is removed.
  • The amount of time by which the character will be deleted is changed to 1 minute.
  • Added prevent portal abuse use for avoiding hits.
  • Santa Claus is replaced by another NPC.


  • Unfortunately, increasing the guild tax from 50% to 90% is not feasible at this time as it is a client-side feature. I will keep this in mind when developing and releasing a new client.


1. Natural HP/SP recovery bugs fixed. Now, it works properly with passive skills and during the battle.

2. The slotted sunglasses are removed from all the characters. Who managed to make sunglasses, insert cards into them, write to me with a request


1. Natural HP/SP recovery is increased. When a player is idle or not engaged in combat and has not been hit by a mob, they will experience a significant increase in HP and SP regeneration. When a player sits, they will regain 3% of their maximum HP and SP every 1.5 seconds. The regeneration is based on a fixed percentage, rather than a fixed value, so it will always take approximately 45 seconds to fully regenerate from 0%.

2. Merchants are now allowed open Vending only on the side of the road.

3. A few new costumes added to Cash Shop:

1. Costume Drooping Dorasuke

2. Costume Wild Rose

3. Costume RWC Champ Crown

4. Costume Flying Angel

5. Costume Flaming Ten Gallon Hat

6. Costume CD in Mouth

7. Costume Reginrev's Wings

4. The slotted sunglasses quest removed until the quest will be modified. All existing sunglasses on the server will be deleted, and all the players who managed to make them will receive a refund.


1. Duration of Elemental Converters Scrolls increased from 3 min to 9 min.

2. Pumpkin Hat added the missing +3 all stats bonus script.

3. Novice Adventurer's Suit can be storable.

4. Max. guild tax rate increased to 90%

5. 50% Damage penalty for using Backstab with Bow removed.

Other minor fixes and preparations.


1.The party share bonus is set to 15%. Example: party of 5 people will receive +60% exp (4 members by 15% exp): 160% party experience in total, so each member receives 160%/5 = 32% bonus exp.

2. Idle characters will stop receiving items time changed: 2 min >1 min. In party: 30 sec.

3. Bonus EXP homunculus received from master increased to 33%.

4. Homunculus autoloot is available now. 5. PvP and GvG is disabled on Bomb Poring event. Reward for this event increased to 20 PC


1. Proxy tunnel for Asian players has been added. This will greatly reduce latency during the game.

2. Different Costumes added, you can exchange them with Poring Coins in Main Office

3. Quest Shop for various iRO cash shop headgears added to Main Office

4. Cash Shop with cosmetics items added.

5. Server Donations are now available. Check the wiki donation page:

6. Repeatable Bomb Poring event added

7. Minor price changes in Poring Exchanger:

Battle Manual 100%: 30 > 40 PC

Battle Manual 50%: 15 > 15 PC

Dead Branch Box: 3 > 50 PC

Bloody Branch: 120 > 300 PC

Gym Pass: 40 > 70 PC

Gym Pass Box: 400 > 700 PC

Infinite Fly Wing: 400 > 700 PC

8. Poring Coins drop removed from idle non attackers mobs:

Thief Bug Egg

Peco Peco Egg

Ant Egg

Blue Plant

Green Plant

Yellow Plant

White Plant

Shining Plant

Black Mushroom

Red Mushroom

8.1 Poring Coins drop from Orc Zombie, Thief Bug, Thief Bug Female are decreased

9. Gift box drop chance with Myst Case Card increased from 3% to 4.5%

10. Description for Infinite Fly Wing fixed.

11. Newbie resetter removed from Prontera

12. @refresh command has been added

13. Software for mouses and keyboards has been added to the whitelist for Gepard Shield, now you will not receive errors about it.

14. The problem with items that should drop with a 100% chance that don't drop with that chance should be fixed. If not, please report back to me.

Other minor fixes.